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churuli movie story review and update?

An audience with experience of Lijo Jose Pellissery’s film journey has a hope when they see his film. His paintings will present an insanely unpredictable experience that can never be expected. When the new film ‘Churuli’ hits the screens via OTT after its screening at international film festivals, director Lijo’s courage and ability to bring even the most elusive ideas to life can not be praised.

His experimental and intriguing visual experiences, narrative style, and the use of sound technology, and the use of sound technology, which can be described as completely ‘wild’, have been gifted by his previous films such as ‘Jellybean’, ‘Ee Ma Yau’, ‘Angamaly Diaries’ and ‘Double Barrel’. It’s challenging the imagination. Lijo is a director who has proven himself to be a director who does not hesitate to break down his own styles and experiment with passion. However, many similarities with his previous film ‘Jellybean’ can be seen in ‘Churuli’. ‘Jellybean’ gave the Malayalees an unprecedented visual experience. Through ‘Churuli’ and visual sound experiments, Lijo opens up a strange and imaginative field of view to the audience.

But the question may arise here as to whether cinema is only a laboratory of the visual arts. Especially since some of the things that movies like ‘Jellybean’ and ‘Churuli’ are trying to convey can be interpreted in different ways. Attempts to say that man is ultimately an animal in ‘Jellybean’ create an illusion in ‘Scroll’ that all human beings are ultimately vile and guilty. A character in ‘Churuli’ even asks, “Is there anyone in my mind who does not want to be killed or raped?” In both these films, Pellissery’s characters are guided by a primitive animalistic consciousness of killing and eating when hungry, raping when lustful, and fighting to the death for food and mate.

Such stories and characters create a reflection of the spiritual emptiness and ultimate futility that modern man experiences. Even the Spanish film ‘The Platform’ (2019), which shows the extent of man’s satanic temptations, asserts that man is all about love, compassion and forgiveness. But nothing that applies to the characters of Pellissery, who is fascinated by wild justice, applies to anything that makes him feel like a human being, capable of reconstructing and redefining himself, with the scientific consciousness, historical consciousness, emotions and memories that sustain humanity. As usual, ‘Churuli’ has a visual environment that is not very important for the female characters.

‘Churuli’ begins by telling the story of Namboothiri who goes to the forest to catch Madan through a cartoon. Namboothiri is going to catch Madan, he picks up the ball-like pangolin and puts it in the basket, and then Namboothiri wanders endlessly through the jungle all the way the pangolin says, not knowing that Madan is the head, which is the essence of ‘Churuli’.

The mysterious journey begins when the policemen Antony and Shajeevan disguise themselves and enter the jungle of ‘Churuli’ to catch a fugitive whose name is not known. While Champan Vinod’s character Antony plays a policeman with no family responsibilities, Vinay Fort’s character Shajeevan plays an innocent law-abiding man.

They travel to an isolated village in the jungle called ‘Churuli’ in an old rusty jeep, which Antony calls ‘Shuttle to Hell’. The behavior of the jeep driver and other passengers, who were initially very naive and friendly, changes as they cross the pass and cross a difficult wooden bridge. Teri’s language is then used in a violent manner in the film. If in his previous films he created a violent and violent world through scenes, Pellissery portrays the human violence in ‘Churula’ with a shocking sound.

Man-made culture and values, alien, primitive, and infernal lifestyles and speeches all show a fearless, utterly wild, chaotic state of affairs on the scroll. As the search for Antony and Shajivan progresses, the mysteries only deepen as he then gets drunk and beaten up in the only liquor shop in Churuli. The film shows through various bizarre incidents that Antony and Shajeevan want the most brutal entertainment that emerges from the spiritual void, just like the men in ‘Churuli’. The film then plunges the audience into a whirlpool with no answers, with many illusions, indescribable moments and dreamlike visuals.

In the film, Lijo repeats various experiments that challenge the audience’s views. The critically acclaimed horror film ‘Midsosome’, directed by Ari Astor, was reminiscent of experiments with momentarily changing ‘superimposed’ images and the use of digital art with a psychedelic effect. ‘Midsomar’ tells the story of a girl who arrives at an isolated fictional village where completely strange, strange and cruel customs exist. The girl eventually becomes the queen of the village, where she performs cruel and barbaric rituals. As Antony and Shajeevan become the primitive men in ‘Churuli’.

Lijo’s films feature characters for story or ideas. Pellissery films like ‘Jellikettu’ and ‘Churuli’ are about the characters in the story, not the story itself. The main characters, played by Chemban Vinod and Vinay Fort, manage their body language and expressions meticulously, even in long shots. Jafar Idukki’s role as a liquor dealer should also be mentioned. Jojo George, Lukman and Saubin Shahir also appear in the film as small but memorable characters.

All the other characters in ‘Churuli’ are the faces of the crowd like jellyfish. Ranganath Ravi’s voice acting and Madhu Neelakanthan’s cinematography help Pellissery’s fantasy world to achieve magic. S Harish has penned the script for the film based on the story of Vinoy Thomas.

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