Is Hardee’s open for Thanksgiving 2021 and what time will it close?

Thanksgiving is finally here, and if you’re looking to save on cooking and washing dishes, eating out may be the option for you.

If you’re a Hardy fan, listen up. We’re telling if the popular fast food franchise is open on Thanksgiving Day 2021.

Is Hardee’s open on Thanksgiving?

In short, the answer is that Hardy’s is partially open for Thanksgiving. Let us explain

According to The Denver Channel, all Carls Jr. locations owned by the company are scheduled to open on Thanksgiving. However, if your nearest Hardy’s is a franchise, opening hours are operator dependent.

In view of Thanksgiving Day, Hardy’s will not work during its normal open and closed hours. The franchise usually closes at 10 p.m., however, according to USA Today, the food chain will only be open through lunchtime. Expect an early after-lunch rush!

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How to find your nearest Hardy’s Restaurant

As mentioned earlier, some Hardee’s restaurants will open through lunchtime, but those that are franchise-owned may choose to close. To be on the safe side, it’s best to locate your nearest hardy via the locator.

To do so, visit Hardy’s Restaurant Locator here.

Likewise, you can find contact information for your local Hardee’s and check in-store to make sure opening hours.

Other Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving

According to USA Today, a bunch of other restaurants will be open (to a lesser extent) on Thanksgiving if Hardee’s doesn’t strike your fancy.

Remember that opening hours are often the decisions of the franchise operator, so it is always best to check with your local venue to be sure!

Reports say that most Starbucks stores, like Subway, Burger King, Popeyes and Wendy’s, will remain open.

Have a great thank you!

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