Is Lizzo Gay? Fans think the star has a girlfriend because of Tiktok

Lizzo is breaking the internet with her TikTok videos and the latest has fans wondering if she is gay as they are convinced that the singer may have introduced her girlfriend to the world.

The singer is never afraid to share a part of her life with her fans and because of this, some people are wondering if Lizzo dropped some big truth bombs about their relationship.

The video comes a few months after Lizzo expressed her love for Chris Evans on TikTok.

Lizzo TikTok @Lizzo

Lizzo’s Tiktok Discovered

On November 25, Lizzo uploaded a video with singer Sofia Aris. Both were seen having fun while dancing on Katy Perry California Girls, While fans loved the video, it was the caption posted by the singer that left many confused.

She wrote: “I finally get to introduce you all to the love of my life.” Lizzo further tagged Sofia and put a heart emoji in her caption.

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It didn’t take long for people to rush to Sofia’s TikTok page to find out more about her. At the moment, she only has two positions and both have Lizzo.

Is Lizzo Gay?

No, Lizzo is not gay. In an interview with Variety, the singer had revealed that she was heterosexual.

She said: “Here’s what I’m going to say about sexuality. I think about what we knew about LGBT, and then LBGTQ, and then LGBTQ+. There are so many more wonderful letters to add to the spectrum In the future, we’re going to be like, “This binary box that we put in was really banned.” I grew up in a world where you only had a few choices and you made that choice. I , of course, heterosexual lean. I think p*nis is unbelievable. You can agree?! But I also think that limiting the spectrum of what you’re sexually capable of is unfair to human existence. “

Who is Sofia Eris?

Sofia is an artist and works for Lizzo as her DJ. She has her own social media following with 36k followers.

While Lizzo uploaded a TikTok with her, Sophia decided to post some of them on Instagram stories. Looks like the pair spent Thanksgiving together.

While many were confused that Sofia is Lizzo’s girlfriend, judging by her social media posts, it seems that the pair are just good friends.

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