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pk movie story review and update?

God is one. If you believe this, then after seeing PK you will feel that God is two. One who made us. The second one which was built by the contractors of religion. Which God should we believe in, the answer to this question has to be decided for ourselves. Director Rajkumar Hirani’s much-awaited film PK engages in an interesting debate about religion and God and makes one think a lot while tickling.

In this, there are many innocent questions about the presence of God in everyday life and equally innocent answers. As always, Aamir Khan has left no stone unturned. But the theme of the film does not seem fresh because not much time has passed when you have seen the story of contractors claiming to exist and reach God in ‘O My God’

The debate platform of Hirani’s film is the same as that of director Umesh Shukla’s film. It took Hirani five years to make this film, one reason for this is also said that ‘O My God’ came in the middle. Hirani then had to make a lot of changes in the script. The messiness of the script is clearly visible in some scenes in PK.

The plot of the film was kept hidden by the producers-directors-actors till the last moment as everyone was curious to know its story and Aamir’s character. But as soon as the first scene in the hall comes, the veil of mystery is revealed, when the spaceship lands on the earth from the sky in a desert area of ​​Rajasthan and Aamir emerges from it. This vehicle has come from another planet and Amir is the creature of that planet.

You understand the meaning of the scene in the first few minutes of Aamir’s nude poster which was a ruckus. When Aamir tells his story to Anushka, he tells that he is an astronaut of his planet. People on his planet don’t wear clothes. There is no language because those people talk directly by connecting their brain to the other. Aamir has come with an eagerness to understand the people of the earth.

But as soon as they step here they are robbed within minutes. One person snatches the remote control connecting them to the spacecraft and runs away. In this scuffle, the robber’s transistor remains in Aamir’s hands. In the story from beginning to end, no one except Anushka knows that Aamir is an alien.

The film is entirely on Aamir’s shoulders. He also ran a lot on his strong legs. As an innocent, he asks many logical questions which are mostly related to God. The reason is that this alien, which has been a puzzle for people, often hears about itself that only God can find a way out of its difficulties.

This alien sets out to find God and finds that there is not one but many gods on earth. They have no place. Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Churches and many more places. The bigger problem is that there are too many ‘managers’ to handle God’s business. It is difficult to overcome them. There is a love story in this story, that of Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Whose connection is also with a religious guru ascetic. The remote robbed from Amir has reached the tapasvi, who tells the devotees that this glowing object is a piece dropped from Lord Shankar’s damaru. Aamir wants to get his remote device back. The texture of the story is simple. But the heroine is a TV reporter and is so infatuated with the alien’s story and her innocuous questions that she hosts a question-and-answer program on her channel.

The film suddenly becomes logically weak from here and from here the story becomes less and the arena of debate about religion and business related to God. If you like it then fine, else you may lose interest in the film from here.

If you go to see this film with the shadow of Munnabhai or 3 Idiots, then you will not be able to enjoy. One, this topic is completely different and on the other hand, Hirani could not do the same charisma as the previous films in telling the story of this film. It may also happen that your faith gets hurt somewhere in a joking manner.

Especially the scenes of Aamir Khan with Lord Shiva in the toilet or Aamir trying to enter Allah’s house with a bottle of wine. Christians can also take offense at how this alien was shown in the church in front of the Holy Cross by lighting coconut-incense sticks and lamps.

Apart from this, there are many dialogues on God and religion, which if you take it to heart, then the faith will get hurt. Therefore, this statutory warning is necessary to keep your faith at home and go to see this film. Then you can laugh.

This Rajkumar Hirani film is very different from the previous films in one sense. Those films were not based on a single star and in those stories, every character had an important place. Not so in PK. Except for Aamir and Anushka, the rest of the actors look like extras. Be it Sanjay Dutt or Boman Irani. Both have no special place in the story.

Same is the case with Sushant Singh Rajput and Parikshit Sahni. Saurabh Shukla, who became a religious leader, does not attract. Apart from Aamir, no one else remembers in PK. Anushka is definitely looking beautiful and this film will benefit her career.

This is the first time that Hirani has not done justice to the talent of all the actors. It can also be said about the music of the film that it is not very attractive. The motto is that the less hope you carry, the more joy you will get.

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