Was Edison Rae’s video leaked on Twitter?

On November 23, many fans were convinced that Addison Rae’s video had been leaked online on Twitter. However, this is not true.

Edison Rai has been making a splash on the internet ever since his Tiktok video went viral. Recently, the social media star also landed a role with ‘He’s All That’ on Netflix. While people are still talking about the film, Edison found his name being dragged on social media because of the viral video.

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No, Addison Rae’s Video Wasn’t Leaked

Many were left confused after a video containing X-rated content surfaced online. Many were convinced that it was Edison. However, the video is an edited clip with the star’s face on it.

In fact, this is not a social media star. This is not the first time a celebrity has found himself in controversies. Earlier in 2016, Kylie Jenner was a victim of similar content.

The reality star was dating rapper Tyga at the time and many were sure that her private video had been leaked online. Shortly after this confusion, it was confirmed that the video is fake.

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What is a social media star these days?

Recently, Edison became the talk of the town when he landed the lead role in Netflix’s ‘He’s All That’. Soon after, it was announced that it had signed a multi-picture deal with Netflix.

In short, the TikTok star will appear on many other Netflix photos. Talking about this in a press release, she said: “Having the opportunity to work with Netflix was such a moment, and now being able to continue the relationship is beyond my wildest dreams.”

She continued: “I’m thrilled to be able to collaborate with this incredible team and look forward to developing projects to strengthen my skills as an actress.”

The news came months ago when Edison found himself in a complicated situation when he was banned from TikTok.

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Why was he banned from Tiktok?

In October 2021, Edison was temporarily banned from TikTok. He shared the news on Twitter by taking a screenshot of his banned account, which read: “Okay, time to get a job.”

As for the reason for his ban, it said: “Your account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines. You can download your data.”

Luckily for the star, she was able to get her account back in no time.

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