What is COVID Toe? Fan speculation about Aaron Rodgers’ leg injury?

Green Bay Packers fans have been speculating about quarterback Aaron Rodger’s foot injury, which some people claim to be a COVID toe.

Although the term COVID tow may be unfamiliar to many, it is a real symptom of COVID-19.

Details of Rodger’s injury are scarce, however, as he has opened up about his plans to move forward with his injury and how long it will take for his toe to heal. We’ve taken a look at Rodgers’ injury to see what a COVID tow is and whether it will affect Rodgers’ ability to play.

Aaron Rodgers injured his leg

While Aaron Rodgers has yet to reveal how his toe hurt, he has revealed more about the incident in his weekly appearance on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’.

Rodgers explained in interviews that his current injury is more painful than turf toe, which is a sprain in the main joint of the big toe. Instead, he indicated that the injury involved the bone of his fifth toe.

While it hasn’t been announced whether Rodgers has received any sort of medical confirmation that his injury is related to or related to the COVID toe, fans are speculating.

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What is COVID Tor?

COVID Toe is a skin condition caused by a person contracting COVID-19. COVID toe is a symptom noted by a red rash or raised bumps that usually appear on the tips of the toes.

For many people who have experienced a COVID tow, this has been their only symptom when testing positive for the coronavirus.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association says that for anyone suffering from COVID toe, ‘to reduce pain or itching, apply hydrocortisone cream to the affected area. If this does not provide relief or the symptoms worsen, contact a board certified dermatologist.’

Will Aaron Rodgers continue playing with his injury?

Aaron Rodgers explained on ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ that there are options for his toe recovery which include surgery, rest or sitting outside football games and practice.

However, despite his traumatic injury, Rodgers explained on the show, “I will continue to play”. Despite his desire to play through his injury, Rodgers also confirmed that it could be weeks before he recovers.

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