Who dropped on The Voice 2021? Twitter’s reaction to the latest episode

Tuesday, November 23 episode Sound 2021 shocked many viewers after a contestant collapsed during a live, onstage performance.

The scary moment left both the judges and the audience in shock.

Many people were confused as to what had just happened. When the contestant collapsed, cameras cut to host Carson Daly, who attempted to explain to the audience what had happened on stage.

Who dropped on The Voice 2021?

It was Wendy Moten, from coach Blake Shelton’s team, who collapsed during her performance.

“Unfortunate moment for Wendy Moten, that’s going on and we hope she’s okay,” host Carson said.

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The show quickly went for a commercial break and was seen next to Wendy Carson when he returned from the break.

How is Wendy Moten doing now?

The Team Blake Shelton singer just finished her performance “I Can’t Help Myself” Along with coaches and teammates, Lana Scott and Paris Winningham, she stumbles when the trio attempts to exit the stage.

After the commercial break, Wendy assured her fans that she was A-OK. “I’m fine, I hurt a little, but you know what? I’m still ready to go!” Star said.

Luckily, Wendy, Lana and Paris all made the top 10.

It’s no secret that Blake is one of Wendy’s biggest fans this season. The Grammy winner has consistently declared that she is the fittest singer she has ever coached.

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Twitter’s reaction to the latest episode

Sound And Wendy’s fans couldn’t help but worry about the star after her fall. Others were in complete disbelief.

Here are some notable responses.

“Did I see Wendy Moten fall on stage after her performance,” wrote one user in disbelief.

“I hope he is okay. It looked terrible,” wrote another.

A third fan said, “Just saw Wendy Moten sal, creepy, let’s hope she’s okay.”

voice | Season 21 First Look Trailer | NBC



voice | Season 21 First Look Trailer | NBC





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