All the cameos in the Netflix musical Discovered

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new musical, Tick, Tick… Boom!, recently debuted on Netflix starring Andrew Garfield in the lead. However, there are several cameos from Broadway icons throughout the film and we are here to highlight them all.

Based on the music of Jonathan Larson, Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! tells the story of John – an aspiring musician living in New York City who begins to question his career path. Larson’s father has stated that the music is semi-autobiographical from the composer and songwriter.

Tick, tick… BOOM! , Official Trailer | Netflix



Tick, tick… BOOM! , Official Trailer | Netflix





Every cameo in Tik, Tik… BOOM!

James C Nicola, Roger Bart, Andre de Shields, Phylicia Rashad, Chita Rivera, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Joel Gray

A diner sequence features Nicola and Bart, past heads of the New York Theater Workshop, who rose to fame on Broadway shows such as Charlie Brown and The Producers. Both figures can be seen eating in the background where Garfield’s character, John, works.

Additionally, Gray can be seen demanding a check in another diner scene, and Dee Shields, Rivera and Rashad play another diner. Michelle can also be seen ordering an omelet without yolks.

Image from Netflix.

Beth Malone, Bernadette Peters, and Mandy Patinkin

All these veteran actors appear in the musical when John and the others are watching with George in the park on Sunday.

Jelani Aladdin

While playing Christophe in the Broadway adaptation of Frozen, Aladdin played David in Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! and can be seen sitting next to Michael during the closing scene of the film.

Alex Lacamoire

Composer Lacamoire also has a brief cameo in the film. The composer was responsible for arranging Hamilton and also supervised the beloved Evan Hansen.

Image from Netflix.

Utkarsh Ambudkar

After playing the role of Aaron Burr in the 2003 Vassar production of Hamilton, Ambudkar appears with Benanti during a focus group sequence.

Scott Schwartz

Miranda previously reported that Schwartz — director of the 2001 Off-Broadway production of Tick, Tick… Boom! – The film was a huge inspiration for the adaptation, and you can see the director dotted in the audience.

quora alegria hoodes

During one of the busiest scenes for cameos in a musical, Alegria Hoods is one of the icons seen within the writing workshop as John presents Superbia.

Philip Sue and Renee Elise Goldsberry

These actors, who played Eliza and Angelica Hamilton in the Broadway production of Hamilton, both appeared during “Sunday”.

Daphne Rubin-Vega, Adam Pascal, and Wilson Germain Heredia

All the members of the Rent cast make cameos during the already busy “Sunday” sequence.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Luis Miranda Jr.

The director of the adaptation makes a cameo as a chef during the “Sunday” sequence at Moondance Diner, and his father makes a brief appearance as a concierge.

Image from Netflix.

Stephen Sondheim

The iconic musician doesn’t make a physical cameo in the musical, however, so you can hear his voice on the answering machine at the end of the film, calling on John to commend him for his workshop.

Danny Burstein

Tony winner and Moulin Rouge! Starr plays John’s father, Alan Larsen, in the film adaptation.

Judy Kuhno

Similarly, Pocahontas singer, Kuhn, plays Nanette Larsen, John’s mother.

Christopher Jackson

Tick, tick… BOOM! The Hamilton and the In the Heights star has a brief cameo at the end of the musical as one of the audience members during a workshop performance of.

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