What is the IDRlabs Marvel Character Test and Where to Take It?

Ever since BuzzFeed popularized personality and character tests, the sensation has swept through every fantasy known to man and we explore the latest Marvel character test from IDRlabs.

These online tests—designed to reveal which Hogwarts house you are in, which spirit animal is yours, and if your personality is similar to that of a serial killer—are a comprehensive list of websites to choose from. Libraries are plentiful within the World Wide Web.

IDRlabs is a relatively new source of online tests and the website has certainly attracted some attention to its Marvel testing.

Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+



Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Official Trailer | Disney+






What is the IDRlabs Marvel Character Test?

The IDRlabs Marvel Character Test is an entertaining assessment designed to determine which Marvel character you are based on your personality.

Participants answer a set of 35 questions related to their morals and character and can choose between strongly disagree, disagree, agree or strongly agree via a meter.

The test will determine which of the seven selected Marvel characters you most closely resemble: Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Thanos and Bucky the Winter Soldier.

Once you’ve completed the test, a wheel chart will be displayed, breaking down each character by percentage of how similar their character is to your personality.

As with most tests, the higher percentage will be the character you relate to the most, and this assessment chose seven characters with heterogeneous personalities to include more participants.

Where can you take the exam?

The Marvel Character Test is available on the IDRlabs.com website.

After completing the test, participants can read a summary of their matching character, and they will also be able to share their results on Facebook and Twitter.

Image from IDRlabs.

What other tests does IDRlabs do?

IDRlabs – which stands for ‘individual difference research’, has an endless list of different tests from a wide variety of genres.

Assessments related to mental health include sociopath testing, an assessment for ADHD, as well as a good old-fashioned IQ test.

Other tests concerning pop culture fandoms include everything from Gossip Girl to Winnie the Pooh, to Game of Thrones.

More abstract assessments include questions to test whether you are a villain, navigate your level of conspiratorial beliefs, and take a test to see if you are a hoarder.

The IDRlabs test library can be found here.

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