Where was Bruises filmed? Halle Berry’s Netflix Movie Filming Locations

We all know how great Halle Berry is in front of the camera, but how does she live up to it?

The American actress has showcased her extraordinary skills to the world X Men suffrage and in such efforts John Wick: Chapter 3, swordfish, gothica, map of clouds, and beyond.

However, many still respect him monster’s Ball performance as the best; It also earned her the prestigious Academy Award for Best Actress.

His latest performance in Bruised is also Knockout, and this is actually his directorial feature debut. Needless to say, his stamp on the film is undeniable, but the locations also inevitably prove to be a significant influence on the piece of work.

So, where was Bruises filmed?

A still from the Bruised Trailer, Netflix

Where was Bruises filmed?

Bruises was filmed entirely in New Jersey. This lends to the authenticity of the project, as it is also where the narrative takes place.

The production team found several locations in the northeastern US state – both exterior and interior – to suit their needs, as well as erected their own set to tell this tale of MMA fighter gunning for a triumphant return.

As noted by The Cinemaholic, there was a slight delay in shooting as a result of Halle’s injury, but she was determined not to affect the schedule too severely.

Diving into specific locations in New Jersey, first we have Atlantic City.

If you’re an MMA fan, it’s probably not surprising that they shot the scenes in the resort town, which is best known for its casinos and beaches. This is where most of the fights were captured.

It’s also famous for its iconic boardwalk and playground where some characters fight is actually the Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall; You can find it at 2301 Boardwalk.

To better facilitate production, a team worked on mounting an MMA octagon inside the arena.

got hurt Official Trailer | Netflix



got hurt Official Trailer | Netflix






More Bruised Movie Filming Locations

Next, we have Newark!

This is reportedly where most of the principal photography of the film was done. Many outdoor scenes were filmed here, with many of the roads being built into the final cut.

For example, people familiar with the city might recognize the characters navigating between Third and Fourth Avenues on Broad Street.

Some road restrictions were also implemented around Broad Street and Mount Pleasant Avenue in line with the shooting.

Speaking of Mount Pleasant Avenue, this area has been cemented as Jackie Justice’s neighborhood, as it is the area in which she trains for the decisive battle. It was actually the Elite Heat Boxing Gym—found at 130 Mount Pleasant Avenue—where she is preparing for the stand-off.

The filming process finally ended on 20 December 2019.

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“I pushed my body beyond its limits”

In conversation with Coming Soon, Halle addressed the physicality brought into the role by opening up about the preparation and sacrifice:

“I pushed my body beyond its limits. I really understood what I was made of in the process. I worked harder than I ever thought I could and I think I’ve attacked anything with more vigor than ever.”

She added: “I really owe it to how much I love and respect the sport and the athletes of the sport.”

Bruises is now streaming on Netflix.

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