Affordable NYC housing project lying vacant for over 2 years

Three dozen affordable Brooklyn apartments have sat vacant for more than two years, despite the city’s dire need for this kind of housing.

The vacant Borough Park condos, which were designed for large families, have been in operation for more than 15 years—after the city decided to sell the land for development to a non-profit South Brooklyn community organization.

Then Mayor Michael Bloomberg emphasized the need for affordable housing in 2005 when he announced a pending sale. But according to a report, this project is getting delayed.

The head of the South Brooklyn Community Organization blamed the latest setback on the pandemic, saying the group was about to seek approval from the state attorney general’s office to begin selling 36 units in early 2020 when COVID-19 hit.

“The project has been severely affected by the pandemic, as our offices were forced to close, as well as our lawyers and of course the AG’s office,” said Rabbi Everholm Jaffa. “With the clutter of remote communication, what should have taken weeks to get through face-to-face meetings actually took months.”

He said the attorney general approved the offer plan in April and last month approved an amendment considering it “effective.”

Dozens of affordable housing condos in Brooklyn's Borough Park have sat vacant for two years.
The city sold the land 15 years ago to a non-profit South Brooklyn Community Organization to begin developing the condo.
South Brooklyn Community Organization

The Attorney General’s office blamed the developer and claimed that they were not given the correct documents to sign the project.

The apartments, which sit on the ground that was once the right-of-way to the Culver Elevated Rail Line, start at about $330,000 for a three-bedroom unit. The income range for buyers depends on the number of occupants, with the top $142,000 for seven people in a three-bedroom.

The city department of Housing Preservation and Development, which helped process applications for the condo, said homeowners should be able to move this fall, but did not provide details.


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