Amazon star Jacqueline Bissett on ‘Danger’ in Hollywood

Jacqueline Bissett is a little surprised by the state of the world these days.

“I wonder why the world is so bad and people lack discipline,” she said in an exclusive conversation with The Post. “It’s just awful.”

“And there’s so much dishonesty and so many bulls–t, you know,” the actress continued, before linking with true British conservatism, “you have to stick to your values, and you have to put one foot in front of the other. “

Bissette can currently be seen in Amazon Prime’s “Birds of Paradise” film, in which she plays Madame Brunel, a ballet instructor at the prestigious Opera National de Paris.

“It was a good role. It’s a little bit shorter in the movie than I actually did,” she admitted. “It’s cut short, but that’s how it goes.”

The 77-year-old British-born actress began her film career in 1965 and became a star three years later with roles in “The Detective,” “Bullitt” and “The Sweet Ride.” Bissett also employed his fluency in French in François Truffaut’s 1973 masterpiece “Day for Night,” courtesy of his French mother.

Jacqueline Bissett, Steve McQueen, Bullitt, 1968
Bissett in the 1968 thriller “Bullitt” about a lone wolf San Francisco cop, played by Steve McQueen.
Alamy Stock Photo

But it was his appearance in 1977’s “The Deep” that cemented his position—helped by memorable promotional posters from the film, which featured Bissett in a sticky, wet white T-shirt.

Even though she admits that the Peter Yates flick made her a movie star, Bissett was devastated by the apparently sexist photos.

“I tried to stop the talk,” she revealed. “I tried to get an injunction on them.”

She explains that before that she had diligently “avoided anything like this, so it was a bit of a shock.

“Plus, it was a very athletic experience,” Bissett explains of the adventure film. “And it was a dangerous experience, doing the film. We had complete trust in each other, we were all taking care of each other.”

Jacqueline Bissett in 'The Deep'
Bissett says he felt very “athletic” while shooting 1977’s “The Deep.”

“So it seemed completely out of left field that this wet T-shirt . . . no one was commenting, no one was looking at it,” she continued. “We were under water. We were swimming, my T-shirt was swaying around. It was huge.”

Despite this, Bissett says he never had any #MeToo moments in Hollywood.

“I was very, very determined,” the “Airport” star revealed. “I had very little view of Hollywood before I came, and I didn’t know anything. When I became an actor, I didn’t know film or theater or anything. I came here and I thought, ‘I’m some rubbish. I’m not picking up! I’ll go home if things get upset. There’s nothing wrong with my life in England, and I don’t need to.’ “

Frank Sinatra and Jacqueline Bissett
Bissett co-starred with Frank Sinatra in the 1968 American neo-noir crime film “The Detective”.
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She also said that “it is very important not to be overambitious in life.”

“You have to be ambitious, but you have to maintain your morals and your own standards. If you’re allowing yourself to speak to them, you could be in danger,” Bissett explained. “There’s a lot of danger in this city.”

During her long career, Bissette became friends with Marcheline Bertrand and was named godmother to their daughter – Angelina Jolie. She admits with a laugh that the Oscar winner didn’t seem remarkable as a child, but calls her “a very interesting girl.”

Angelina Jolie and Jacqueline Bisset leave their hotel in Paris, France.
Legendary actress Jacqueline Bissett (left) is also the godmother of Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie.
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The Bachelor star, who decided not to have kids, admitted that there are moments when she wishes she had, but “you can’t have everything in life. I had other responsibilities that I had to fulfill. I couldn’t do it all.”

And as for life lessons from the movie icon?

“I usually feel it’s necessary to be grateful,” she said. “extremely grateful.”


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