Cardi B has gay marriage with Raven-Symoné

Cardi B “WAP” – is all about weddings and pride.

And the Grammy-winning rhyme proved just as much while working as a “pop-up” gay marriage official on the latest installment of his Facebook Messenger series “Cardi Trees.”

“The power vested in me by the State of California and from my online course I now declare to you wife and wife,” said pregnant Cardi, 29, as brides Brandi Taylor and Shannon Herbert sealed their vows with a kiss. . The couple is together since 2018.

Their wedding special was filmed in July, a few weeks before “Bodak Yellow” Boomer, née Belklis Almanzar, gave birth to her and husband Offset’s second child, a son, on September 4.

But the episode’s digital premiere coincided with National Coming Out Day, an LGBTQ+ awareness holiday — a celebration of people proudly unveiling their sexual orientation and preferences — which is celebrated on October 11.

Cardi B (left) with Raven-Symoné, who served as ring bearer during the monumental celebration of love.
Cardi B (left) with Raven-Symoné, who served as ring bearer during the monumental celebration of love.

Actress Raven Simone, 35, who co-hosted the glittering ceremony with Cardi, served as Taylor and Herbert’s ring bearer and explained the importance of the holiday.

“It’s National Coming Out Day that we all know is a layered journey for many in the LGBTQ+ community,” said Simone, who married wife Miranda Maday, 32, last June.

“It’s important to be part of same-sex marriage so that people see there are differences. [from heterosexual unions]’Obviously, but there are also similarities,” Simone continued.

The “That’s So Raven” star and Cardi assisted Taylor, a mother and dance instructor in Los Angeles, in secretly arranging the ceremony for Herbert, a lyrical-content producer from Little Rock, Arkansas.

Taylor (right) surprised Herbert with his "pop up" Married after three years of dating.
Taylor (right) surprised Herbert with her pop-up marriage after three years of dating.

Taylor invited Herbert to the lush gardens of their outdoor wedding venue in California under the guise that they would host their engagement party on the grounds. He then asked Herbert, the first woman he ever dated, to marry him that day. Herbert said “yes,” and whispered immediately to be glam up before exchanging “I do.”

Cardi and Simone then took Taylor to pick up her wedding reception decorations and her bridal gown.

But attending preparations for the big day led the “I Like It” singer to nail her less-than-lavish wedding to Offset, 29, real name Kiari Cephus.

She married the rapper “Bad and Bozzy” in September 2017 in her bedroom.

“I want to get married again,” Cardi said, as she and Simone chose a soft-yellow finery for Taylor and Herbert’s celebration. “But it’s not about me,” he laughed.

The “Up” artist—who said her mother was “really angry” that she wasn’t invited to her and Offset’s intimate wedding—later upstaged Taylor when bride-to-be wedding dress shopping. Got emotional during

“My mom isn’t here today,” Taylor said tearfully. “He doesn’t agree with the lifestyle… but he just sent me messages wishing me well.”

Taylor explained that she and her mother have come to a “respectable” understanding of her sexuality, and that she “has no bad feelings about not being here.”

Cardi, whose sister Hennessy Carolina, 25, is in a lesbian relationship with girlfriend Michelle Diaz, comforted Taylor with a word of encouragement.

Cardi and Simone gave Taylor a few words of encouragement during her emotional dress shopping trip.
Cardi and Simone gave Taylor a few words of encouragement during her emotional dress shopping trip.

“My mom had a really hard time [with my sister and her girlfriend] In the beginning,” said the “Press” songwriter.

“But who knows, maybe one day you can introduce your wife to your mother and let her spend time together,” he continued. “Because trust me, when I tell you that mom – I think my sister’s girlfriend loves her more than we do. It’s become such a friendship and it’s so comfortable.”

However, Simone weighs in with the harsh reality that some parents “don’t come around” to take their child’s lifestyle for granted. But she advises Taylor to “lean on” Herbert’s supportive mother, Cecilia, for love and acceptance.

After the women agreed on Taylor’s dress, she and Herbert greeted each other in their gowns, side by side, before walking down the aisle.

Herbert (left) had no clue that Taylor was surprising her with a wedding hosted by Cardi B.
Herbert (right) had no clue that Taylor was surprising her with a wedding hosted by Cardi B.

Once at the altar, Cardi – who, before the ceremony, showed her official card to prove the legitimacy of her ordination – surprised Herbert and the unsuspecting guests of the wedding by taking the microphone and announcing: “You guys might think That’s why I’m here – I’m going to marry these two beautiful women.”

The stunned crowd erupted in applause as Cardi continued, “[It’s] Not only a special day for you guys, it’s a special day for me and I want to thank you guys for making me a part of your beautiful journey.

The “Rumors” rapper then invited Herbert and Taylor to exchange their vows.

“Shannon,” Taylor began, “I take you as my wife, my partner and my teammate in life and love. I will cherish our union and love you more every day than ever before .

He promised to always “respect” his bride, “through the good and bad times, no matter what we may face together.”

Cardi thanks Herbert and Taylor for allowing her to attend their special day.
Cardi thanks Herbert and Taylor for allowing her to attend their special day.

A shocked Herbert, who had not prepared any written vows, said: “Brandy the love I have for you I cannot put into words.”

“I used to say to my dad: ‘I love you so much!’ Herbert continued, spreading his arms from side to side. “If I could extend my arms even further it would be for you. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone other than you,” she added.

Herbert closed his off-the-cuff, albeit with a touching promise, “I love us together, I love our growth, I love where we’re going and I’m with you. Can’t wait to do that.”

Cardi introduced Simone as “a special friend of mine whom I greatly admire and have been a part of in the process.” The actress played the rings on the stage to thunderous applause.

After the bridesmaids said “I do” and Cardi gave her their queue to kiss, the giddy couple walked back down the aisle as wife and wife while their loved ones clapped and cheered.

after saying "I do" Herbert and Taylor were welcomed by their enthusiastic wedding guests.
After saying “I do” Herbert and Taylor are greeted by their enthusiastic wedding guests.

The special day ended with the “Ring” rapper holding the bride’s bouquet and telling Simone that the experience had inspired her to “get married”.

Simone happily offers to renew Cardi’s vows if she and Offset actually arrange the event.

“After doing this today I feel like I really have to sit down with my husband,” Cardi said, noting that she has toyed with the idea of ​​tying the knot in public, but “too busy to “It is.

“But I want this feeling,” Cardi said. “I want my weird wedding! You heard that [Offset]. give me right now.”

On Friday, Herbert openly announced his and Taylor’s spying on Facebook.

“To be able to say that you married Cardi B and Raven-Symoné was the ring bearer is too good to be true,” he captioned a clip from their ceremony. “You’ve been holding this for a while, it’s official we’re married.”


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