Corrections officer busted for stabbing prisoner at Rikers

A New York City corrections officer is facing charges after allegedly smuggling in razor blades to an inmate on Rikers Island, the city’s top investigator said Friday.

Brooklyn’s Travis Sims, 33, was charged Wednesday with two counts of official misconduct and abetting a prison ban following a scuffle between a guard and an inmate by assistant deputy warden Dennis Phillips at the George R. Vierno Center, according to the city’s department. had gone. the inspection.

Officials said the officer and prisoner, identified as 31-year-old Jonathan Sanchez, were searched and a razor was found.

Sanchez was charged with two counts of promoting prohibited substances in prison and possessing a weapon, according to the DOI.

DOI Commissioner Margaret Garnett said, “An attentive and sharp-witted assistant deputy warden and his team helped stem the flow of contraband in the city’s prisons at a critical and challenging time.”

The inmate, Jonathan Sanchez, was charged with two counts of promoting prison materials and possessing a weapon.
Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

DOC commissioner Vincent Shiraldi called the incident “unconscious, illegal and dangerous”.

Officials said Sims has been a corrections officer since 2016 and earns $57,600 per year.


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