Chipotle’s 2021 commercial spreads ‘farming a better world’ idea

On November 25, many fans were left confused after Chipotle’s 2021 ad with the message ‘Cultivating a Better World’ aired during the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day game.

The ad aired during the second quarter of the Cowboys-Raiders game. Although it is common for commercials to run during this time, many people were confused when they saw an animated ad for Chipotle.

While the company tried something different, it seems that the 2021 advert left many confused.

Chipotle’s 2021 ad discovered

The two-minute and twenty-second video depicts the lives of a family where a son decides to move away from home to pursue his education and a father who tries to manage his farm on his own.

While the video starts with hope, it soon turns emotional as one can hear. Fix you Playing in the background by Coldplay. As the clip progresses, the audience gets to see the father struggling with work and is eventually shown to have passed away.

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With the sudden demise of his father, the son decides to return to the farm and work on it. The video again promises hope for the future as Son manages to build an entire farm, paving the way for new technology to come.

Message behind video discovered

Chipotle shared the video on its Twitter page with a caption that read: “Only true Chipotle fans can watch this.”

The video was created to support the next generation of farmers. Speaking about the difficulties they face, Chipotle said: “Young farmers may be doing things the hard way, but it’s the right way. They understand the importance of sustainable and ethical farming but not climate change and new technology.” They are also facing new problems like cost. But the main obstacle which is stopping them is access to land to build and develop their farms.”

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Twitter reacts to ad

People’s reaction to the advertisement was mixed. Some thought it was weird and the opposite of Chipotle. These tweets can be seen below:

Meanwhile, there were others who were moved by the advertisement.

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