Who Is TLC Star Tammy Slayton’s New Boyfriend and Are They Engaged?

in upcoming episodes of tlc show 1000-pound sisters Tammy Slayton shared that she is dating a new guy. In an exclusive clip, she says that despite living in Las Vegas he recently visited her in her hometown of Kentucky.

Tammy and her new boyfriend Philip seem to be very in love with each other Hit You’ve got everything you need to know about her new guy.

Who is Tammy Slayton’s boyfriend?

After breaking up with Jerry Sykes, TLC Star Tammy Slayton revealed she has a new boyfriend, whom she says she met on social media.

Her new boyfriend Philip Redmond lives in Las Vegas and is known as ‘The BBW King’, with BBW standing for ‘big beautiful women’.

Posting a picture on social media, Redmond wrote, “If I married you at 450 and you come in at 299, just know I’m out. See you again.” he has also appeared Dr. Philo That’s why he’s no stranger to reality television. On the show, his specific interest in women reportedly pitted him with his brother.

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Tammy and Philip’s relationship explored

According to People, Tammy Slayton is hoping to have a long-term relationship with her new boyfriend.

Per distraction, the pair met on TikTok before they were banned from the platform. Tammy allegedly used to send Philip videos and they flirt with each other online.

In an exclusive clip, Tammy says: “Meeting Philip for the first time, I mean, it was great. We talked and held hands and just watched TV, and got to know each other. I love everything he says.” I love how he makes me feel. Like, he makes me happy. And I can honestly say that’s what happiness is.”

Tammy also revealed that the pair are dating exclusively. She said: “Philip and I are together. This is my man. I am his woman. I can see a long life with Philip. Even though we have just met, it seems that I have known him forever.” Am. “

Are Tammy and Philip engaged?

in an exclusive clip from 1000-pound sisters, Tammy is asked by her family members if she is engaged to her new boyfriend, Philip, however, she does not confirm the engagement at the time.

However, fans are speculating whether the pair have decided to take the next step in their whirlwind romance as Tammy and Philip are extremely happy with each other.

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