‘Fearful’ William Shatner Means, Rants at New York Comic Con

Going to space in real life is bringing a lot of feelings for Captain Kirk.

“Star Trek” icon William Shatner is extremely excited — but also very scared — to become the oldest person ever launched into space, the 90-year-old revealed to fans during a joyous New York Comic Con panel Thursday night. .

Satan As SyFy Wire reports, Struggled on a moderator-less forum and took a seat before starting a story about a good friend who has been stealing from him for 30 years. The Captain Kirk actor then began praising the beauty of the unknown – “You must be dazzled by everything. Trees! They keep on discovering things” – and their new spoken-about album, “Bills.”

A Post insider on the incident also reported that he spoke about not understanding “a lot of things”, including the place where he was in court. “I don’t understand anything – what even is Comic Con?” He asked the enthusiastic crowd, though strangely philosophical.

“In life, you’re always going to be on a bridge… and there’s always an 18-wheeler coming at you,” he offered.

In between his walks, he asked the audience to “just be with me” before talking about his upcoming space mission.

“I’m going up in space,” he told the audience to thunderous applause, before once again discussing how weird in beauty she is, generally. “Everything is magical, what world?” He asked. “We have to pay attention to that. The end is coming, I’ll leave. Take care of it!”

Then, without change, he returned to the final frontier in Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin New Shepard NS-18, the subject of his October 12 voyage.

“I’m going upstairs. I’m scared. Captain Kirk is going… Where? Where am I going?” he asked the crowd.

“Location!” One audience member shouted.

“He said, ‘Well, how would you like to go up? You’ll be the oldest person in space,'” Shatner told The Post about being asked to make the trip, according to an insider. Don’t want to be known as. I’m the bloody Captain Kirk!”

In addition to feeling scared, he is also experiencing great anticipation for that moment. smash His face against the window. He said he is currently practicing “short speeches” in preparation.

They had a brief blast on how we’re dealing with the planet.

“We’re vomiting and urinating [the Earth], and s– ting on it. We have to stop people, we really have to stop,” he said, before offering up his closing line: “I’m really scared.”


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