Golden Globes 2022 NBC telecast won’t air, says HFPA

Saying “goodbye” to the Golden Globes ceremony airing on NBC.

According to Wrap, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will still honor the best in films and TV for next year’s Golden Globes, however, the show will not air in a live telecast on NBC.

“The HFPA plans to celebrate the great work of the industry at last year’s 79th Annual Golden Globes in recognition of its 2021 performances,” a source told the outlet.

It is unknown how the prizes will be awarded and whether it will be broadcast, the report said.

HFPA President Helen Hohne and interim CEO Todd Boehley sent a memo to campaigners and studios on October 8 outlining new rules and regulations for submitting projects for award consideration.

NBC said in May that it would not air the show in 2022.

“We believe the HFPA is committed to meaningful improvement. However, a change of this magnitude takes time and work, and we feel strongly that the HFPA needs time to correct this,” the network said. As such, NBC will not air the 2022 Golden Globes. Assuming that the organization executes on its plan, we hope to be in a position to air the show in January 2023.

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Viewers for the 2021 Golden Globes have dropped compared to last year.
Chris Pizzello / InVision / AP

The ratings for the 2021 ceremony fell to an all-time low with a Nielsen rating of 6.9 million viewers. Last year’s show was watched by 18.3 million viewers.

Marvel star Scarlett Johansson called on the HFPA earlier this year the lack of diversity on the organization’s board. The actress said it is time for Hollywood to distance itself from the association.

She called the group “an organization that was legitimized by the likes of Harvey Weinstein to gain momentum for Academy recognition.”

“Unless there is the fundamental reform needed within the organization, I believe it is time that we take a step back from the HFPA,” she said at the time.


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