‘Guilty Party’ star Jules Latimer on Kate Beckinsale: ‘She’s so beautiful’

Newcomer Jules Latimer said that landing her first onscreen role in “Guilty Party” opposite Kate Beckinsale was “disorienting” because, “I still haven’t told her to this day that I had a crush on her when I was a kid.”

“In my first scene, I’m kind of auditioning [Beckinsale’s character] Beth, and was trying to figure out if he was the right person to take my case and get my story in the news,” Latimer told The Post. “That was my first scene that I shot on the sets. And because it’s COVID, I haven’t seen Kate without her mask yet. We met, but with masks. And I was like ‘Goddammit, she’s so beautiful – I have to focus!’ But she is such a great actress to act in. ”

Premiering Thursday (October 14) on Paramount+, the dark comedy series follows Beth (Beckinsale), a disgraced journalist who is fired after being accused of falsifying a quote (which she denies) Is. Seeking to salvage her career, she catches up with the case of Tony (Latimer), an imprisoned young mother who has been accused of crippling and murdering her husband – crimes for which she claims her innocence. does.

Jules Latimer sits behind a glass with cornrows in her hair and a yellow shirt, looking at a phone that Kate Beckinsale (seen reflected in the glass) holds.
Tony (Jules Latimer) is a young mother behind bars who claims she did not murder her husband. Disgraced journalist Beth (Kate Beckinsale seen in the mirror) tries to help him.

A recent Juilliard grad, Latimer, who is based in Brooklyn, has appeared in several Off-Broadway productions, including “Paris,” but “Guilty Party” marks her screen debut.

“I was reading some Octavia Butler,” she said. “I saw this documentary about people jailed in New York doing the Bard College program. You’re in prison, but you have all this wasted time. You’re going to have to feed your creativity with your time. What do you do? That kind of fed my imagination for Tony, thinking about the things she would be studying or studying while she was in prison. What I really wanted to do with Tony was give him humanity , has to give a sense of humour, drive and passion. I wanted to make sure we just gave him a 360 kind of dimension.”

Kate Beckinsale stands next to a prison guard, in front of a locked prison cell door.
Beth (Kate Beckinsale) visits Tony in prison to work on her case and prove her innocence.

In the show, Tony aims to be reunited with his daughter, who was taken away from him after giving birth in prison. Tony claims that her husband’s brother was the real perpetrator of the crime, and Beth is trapped in his dark world as she investigates Tony’s claim.

Tony (Jules Latimer) uses a payphone with a serious expression.  He has a tattoo on his neck.
Tony (Jules Latimer) has some doubts that Beth will be able to help prove her innocence at the “guilty party”.

“Every character has a special rhythm to them,” Latimer said. “I think Tony has this mysterious ‘I can turn left or right at any moment’ kind of thing. When you know him, you’re trying to explain what his motive is and he is guilty or innocent, but it’s all within the structure [of the show], so I of course applied my musical background [from Juilliard]”

A blonde Kate Beckinsale sits in a car driving, looking worried.
Beth (Kate Beckinsale) tries to prove Tony’s innocence in order to save his damaged reputation as a reporter on “Guilty Party”.

He said working with a seasoned actor gave Latimer the opportunity to learn the ropes quickly.

“I saw all these people standing and watching [Kate Beckinsale] Rehearse and block a scene. I was like, ‘That’s a lot, how do you stay focused? And he said, ‘A lot of things happen around you, but it’s important to stay in it and keep your energy up.’ So, she has been a great mentor to me. I’ve always wanted to work with Kate. I used to go to Blockbuster with my brother to rent ‘Underworld’ films.

“My brother is one of my best friends, and he was like ‘I think it’s cool that you got the job — but I think it’s cool that you’re working with Kate Beckinsale.


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