Here’s what people did during the Facebook, Instagram outages

Time to read a book!

With Facebook and Instagram shut for some six hours on Monday, social media users turned to old-school activities.

People reported reading, reconnecting with friends, and cleaning or doing other chores because they were unable to post or scroll through popular apps during the rare long disruption.

“Back to old fashioned book reading as I usually scroll through Facebook at this time of night… fresh enough to change that habit… haven’t read a book in centuries!!” one person wrote on twitter.

“Let’s take this opportunity to say that Facebook and Instagram are permanently dead,” another couple. “The read books on my bookcase will appreciate it widely.”

On Monday, social media users resorted to other activities as Facebook and Instagram remained closed for about six hours.
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Some noted that the outage had made them realize how much time they actually dedicate to social media sites.

“Having Instagram down made me realize how much I am on Instagram daily,” one user said.

“My girl finally asked me about my day… Instagram needs to be down more often,” another joke.

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People reported reading, reconnecting with friends, and cleaning or doing other chores during outages.
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The disruption, which also affected WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus VR, began around 11:40am. The service slowly started coming back for some users around 6 pm.

Twitter shouted “hello literally everyone” on the company’s main account, as jokes and memes about the outage flooded the site.

“Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook are still not working, it has been like this all day!! Tf what should I do now?, one person wrote.

While many people turned to Twitter or other sites, including TikTok, Telegram and Snapchat, those that rely on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp as their primary means of communication were left in the dark.

“They don’t know how to contact the people in their lives without it,” Rachel Toback, SocialProof Security’s hacker and CEO, told the Associated Press.

Those who use the social media giants to run their businesses were also out of luck.

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The outage also affected WhatsApp, Messenger and Oculus VR.
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“The outage today is disappointing financially,” Kendall Ross, owner of a knitwear brand called Knit That in Oklahoma City, told the AP.

Ross said that all traffic to his website comes directly from Instagram, where he has 32,000 followers. The outage was “a huge awakening that social media controls my success in business,” he said.

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