10 homemade and healthy ice creams to beat the heat

Ice creams are one of the best allies to beat the heat. However, they can also become the worst enemy of those who intend to lose weight in summer . But while it is true that commercial ice creams are usually very rich in fat and sugar and their consumption should not be habitual, at home you can prepare your own homemade and healthy ice creams . They are very easy to prepare and are an ideal healthy option to eat between meals as a snack whenever you want. So don’t wait any longer and take note of these 10 homemade and healthy ice creams that will help you beat the heat this summer.  

Healthy ingredients for your homemade ice cream 

What determines that a food, in this case an ice cream, is healthy or not, is its list of ingredients. As we’ve said, commercial ice cream is often loaded with unhealthy fats and sugar. However, there are healthy ingredients that you can combine to make your own healthy ice cream at home. Dare to experiment in the kitchen to get ice cream with the most original flavors. Below, we show you some food groups that you can combine when preparing your healthy ice creams . 

  • Fruit. You can add it as an ingredient to your healthy ice creams, chopped or crushed, depending on the texture you want to achieve. Sweet fruits like bananas are an ideal option to add a sweet flavor to your healthy ice creams without having to add sugar. 
  • Dairy and vegetable equivalents. You can incorporate yogurts or fermented vegetables or milk or vegetable drinks and play with the different flavors. If you want to reduce the energy density of yogurt, you can opt for skimmed versions. 
  • Nuts and nut cream. Roasted nuts and peanut butter can help you get the perfect texture for your ice cream. You can add them chopped to achieve a crunchy effect or in the form of cream for a creamier texture. 
  • Cocoa, cinnamon and grated coconut . These three ingredients can give a unique touch to your homemade healthy ice cream. 

Top 10 homemade and healthy ice creams to beat the heat 

But if cooking is not your thing and you prefer to play it safe, we suggest these 10 homemade and healthy ice creams that you will love: 

1. Homemade natural yogurt, coconut and banana ice cream . Use ripe bananas to prepare the ice cream for a sweet taste. Use a blender to mix the yogurt with the banana and leave a homogeneous texture. Then add a little grated coconut. 

2. Homemade watermelon ice cream. This ice cream is very easy to prepare; you simply have to beat the watermelon and add the mixture in the molds to prepare ice cream. 

3. Healthy blueberry yogurt ice cream. In this case, mix plain yogurt with the whole blueberries and pour the mixture into the molds. If you want to sweeten the mixture you can add some sweetener. 

4. Healthy Banana Cocoa Ice Cream . Use pure defatted cocoa powder and ripe bananas to prepare your ice cream. If you want an extra flavor, you can sprinkle a little cinnamon. 

5. Homemade kiwi and mango ice cream. In this case, to separate the two flavors, first add the crushed kiwi to the mould. After a couple of hours, add the mango and let the mixture finish freezing. 

6. Healthy strawberry ice cream and natural yogurt. With the help of the blender, mix natural ice cream with strawberries to get one of the most classic flavors that always triumph, success is guaranteed. 

7. Homemade peach and Paraguayan ice cream. Seasonal fruits are always the sweetest and tastiest, so take advantage of the fact that peaches and Paraguayans are in season to prepare these delicious ice creams. 

8. Healthy coconut and pineapple ice cream. To prepare this homemade ice cream, mix a few pieces of ripe pineapple together with natural yogurt and half a glass of milk or coconut vegetable drink. 

9. Homemade melon ice cream. Along with the watermelon, the melon is one of the most popular fruits of the summer. To prepare a delicious melon ice cream, blend mango pieces and pour them directly into the moulds.

10. Healthy Blueberry Banana Ice Cream. To finish our top 10 we suggest a banana and blueberry ice cream. If you want to make the color of your ice cream more striking, try to make the proportion of blueberry greater than that of banana.

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