Kim Jong Un brought down by North Korean soldier in blue uniform

Kim Jong Un was booed on social media by a man in a blue cloak who stood upright with a pointed helmet amid a series of missiles – some called him the real “Rocket Man”.

Blue-collar North Koreans were among dozens of soldiers who posed with the leader of the Hermit Kingdom on Monday during an exhibition of weapons systems.

His flamboyant dress and red-blue-and-white helmet was in stark contrast to the olive-hued uniforms worn by the rest of the soldiers. Only one high-ranking officer to his left also wore a blue uniform—though a standard-issue.

Kim wore a Western-style suit for the occasion, during which he announced that he was building an “invincible” army that would have the capability to launch a nuclear attack on the US.

But most of the attention was focused on the Mystery Man, which generated much buzz on social media, with some users calling him “Superhero”, “Captain DPRK” or “Rocket Man”, a nickname that President Trump then used for Kim. did.

Kim Jong Un.
Kim Jong Un wore a western style suit.
    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un poses for a group photo with fighter pilots.
North Korean state media did not identify the man out of the blue, but there is speculation he is a parachutist.
AP. Via Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service

State media did not identify the blue-clad man, but Jeffrey Lewis, an expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, said in a tweet that “looks like he’s a parachutist.”

Kim Jong Un is watching the planes.
Before the exhibition, Kim Jong Un watched an air show.
STR/AFP via Getty Images

Other images showed Kim watching a group of jets fly into a formation during an air show before the exhibition.

The official Korean Central News Agency said that “a top parachutist showed landing skills by unfurling the red party flag in the sky (October) before the opening ceremony”.

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