Laundry calls parents after Pettito’s death

Doug the Bounty Hunter speculates in a new interview that Gabby Pettito’s fugitive boyfriend Brian Laundry called his parents in Florida after he allegedly killed a Long Island native on a cross-country trip .

The reality TV star told The Sun that she believes Laundry – the only person interested in Pettito’s case – was forced by her parents, Chris and Roberta, to return to their home in North Port just after her death. was encouraged.

“Of course he murdered her. I think he called mom and dad right from the scene and said, ‘OMG!'” Chapman told the news outlet, providing no evidence.

“Now we have to remember that they lived with their mom and dad — Gabby and Brian — for almost two years,” the bounty hunter continued. “And the house, I was there, it’s not a big house so I’m sure they heard, the parents probably heard Gabby screaming.

“I was told by a very close source that he was a gentleman,” he said. “I think she said, ‘Mom, she was screaming, she was screaming so I put my hand on her mouth, and I held my hand and she was screaming and she couldn’t breathe when I took her out’ and I tried CPR.'”

Bounty hound on the hunt for Brian Laundry.
Bounty hound on the hunt for Brian Laundry.

The 68-year-old then speculated that Laundry’s parents had asked him to return to the Sunshine State following Pettito’s death, which has been deemed a homicide. A coroner in Wyoming, where his body was found, is expected to provide an update on his autopsy on Tuesday afternoon.

The family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino, told The Sun that the parents would not comment on Chapman’s claims.

Petito went missing in late August during an unfortunate trip with the laundry. She was reported missing by her parents in Suffolk County on September 11, more than a week after her parents returned home without her.

Christopher and Roberta are seen outside their home in Laundry Florida.
Christopher and Roberta are seen outside their home in Laundry Florida.
William Farrington

His remains were found on September 19 at a remote camp site in Wyoming.

Laundry, 23, who has not been charged with involvement in her death, has been on the fringes for the past month and is allegedly seeking to use Petito’s credit card illegally around the time when He was last seen alive.

Chapman also speculates that Laundry may be a serial killer, citing the kind of disturbing books the fugitive has reportedly read.

On Monday, Chapman’s spokeswoman Jennifer Willingham told The Post in a statement that she is still doing laundry, despite an ankle injury that has caused her to return home to Colorado.

Brian Laundry is the suspect in Gabby Petito's death.
Brian Laundry is the suspect in Gabby Petito’s death.

“Dog hasn’t finished his search for Brian Laundry,” she said. “The dog and Francie Chapman need to attend to a variety of cases at home in Colorado, including the dog’s ankle injury that occurred during the search.”

The spokeswoman said her daughter, Lisa Chapman, is managing the “logistics” and research from Hawaii, while Greg Zeka does the same from Colorado. She pointed potential tipsters to the TV Bounty Hunter’s hotline, 833-taildog.


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