Long Island man Larry Wallach sluggish, wallaby in unsafe conditions at home

A Long Island man was cited by the United States Department of Agriculture for being a sloth and living in a wallop under unsafe and unsatisfactory conditions at his East Rockaway home.

When USDA officials inspected Larry Wallach’s home, they found a sloth living in an enclosure in his garage, surrounded by lots of objects and bicycles hanging from the ceiling, according to the citation.

Officials noted the dangerous living conditions of sloths that could potentially injure a creature such as exposed wires.

Officials said the wallaby was improperly kept indoors in an enclosure that is just 39 inches high on one side, allowing the jumping animal to escape easily.

Officials visited Wallach’s home in 2017 following Wallaby’s report, which is illegal to keep as a pet under Nassau County law. While small marsupials – closely related to their Australian cousins ​​the kangaroo – appear cute and cuddly, they are considered dangerous.

In May, the USDA cited Wallach after he posted a video on Facebook with a tiger cub, who was injured with Wallach’s pet dog, fractured his left leg.

Wallach's sloth was found in his garage.
Wallach’s sloth was found in his garage.

An inspection by the agency also revealed substandard living conditions for the cub, which lived in a cage with rotting floors and could have possibly escaped through an 8-foot fence in Wallach’s backyard.

“All animal handling should be done in a manner that does not cause trauma, behavioral stress or unnecessary distress,” the agency said.

PETA has repeatedly called on the USDA to revoke all of Wallach’s animal handling licenses.

“Wherever Larry Wallach goes, there is always the potential for disaster,” Michelle Sinnott, associate director of the PETA Foundation’s Captive Animal Law Enforcement, told Patch.

“PETA is calling on the public to stay away from Wallach and urging officials to have his license revoked before anyone is hurt by his negligence.”


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