MTA issues $5 OMNY card to replace $1 MetroCard

Riders can now pay more for a modern MetroCard with fewer features.

Two years after launching a pilot for its new One Metro New York contactless card fair-payment system in 2019, the MTA has finally released OMNY cards to the public. The plastic, credit card-like MetroCard option offers straphangers the ability to be tapped through turnstiles and reloaded online, or with credit or cash at select retail locations.

In exchange for relative convenience and a rational upgrade from swiping-only to scanning, riders will have to pay $5. Meanwhile, MetroCard costs $1 and offers weekly and monthly discounts, among other low-fare options. The OMNY card is launching with a pay-per-ride only option, though other MTA fare programs are scheduled to be included before the year ends. After a certain amount of time, the cards run out. While OMNY readers are now available at every stop, if they break, the turnstiles may be accessible exclusively to Metrocards.

What OMNY cards offer is an online user account containing past travel receipts and real-time train schedules – at a cost of five times the price of a MetroCard. And straphangers who haven’t paid $5 for the new technology can still access the OMNY system for free via Apple Pay, Apple Cash, and a digital wallet.

The new OMNY card costs $5, but straphangers can still use several digital methods to access the Tap & Go system for free, including Apple Pay.
The new OMNY card costs $5, but straphangers can still use a number of digital methods, including Apple Pay, for free using the tap-and-go system.
William Farrington for the NY Post

“Say hello to the OMNY card. The new way to pay and be on your way, no swipe or dipping required,” says the OMNY website.

The rollout of OMNY occurred nearly three decades after Metrocard began replacing the token in the mid-1990s. Metro-North and Long Island Rail Roads, which already allow mobile payments, are set to be OMNY-enabled in 2022.

“Tap and Go means no more swipes, no more losing your MetroCard,” former Interim Transit president Sarah Feinberg said late last year, announcing every bus and subway turnstile in NYC would be equipped with the OMNY payment system. had gone. “Just bring your own device and you can easily log into the system.”


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