NYC Federal Judge Rejects Knicks Wax Mandate Bid for DOE Employees

A Manhattan federal judge on Tuesday rejected a request by 10 employees of the city’s Department of Education to suspend the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all department employees.

Plaintiff’s attorney partly argued that the way the city has implemented the vaccine mandate is unconstitutional because it discriminates against DOE employees who sought religious exemptions outside the tenets of popular religions. While more and more people have been provided exemption. Mainstream beliefs.

The ruling came after a federal judge in New York barred the state from enforcing its vaccine mandate on medical workers with valid religious exemptions.

In the New York City Education Employees case, Judge Valerie Caproni ruled at the end of an hour-long hearing that the employees, represented by attorney Sujatha Sidhu Gibson, had failed to prove their case on a number of parameters that they had to consider when deciding. was required to be considered. Whether to grant a preliminary injunction against the city’s mandate.

Court officials call on people to protest outside a preliminary injunction hearing at the United States Courthouse about New York City mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for public school employees in New York, New York, United States October 12, 2021 Asked to clear the sidewalk during
New York City’s mandate went into effect earlier this month, and reportedly about 95 percent of the city’s teachers have received at least one shot of the COVID-19 vaccine.
EPA/Justin Lane

City attorney Lora Minicucci said the DOE has granted religious exemptions to employees of at least 20 different religions.

Caproni ruled, in part, that Gibson had failed to provide any evidence that elected officials overseeing the mandate had made any statements that showed religious animosity. The judge also said that no evidence was presented to show that the vaccine mandate was not implemented neutrally for all employees.

People gather to protest outside a preliminary injunction hearing at a United States courthouse about New York City mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for public school workers in New York, New York, United States, October 12, 2021.
A city-based lawyer said the DOE has given employees a religious exemption.
EPA/Justin Lane

In an earlier upstate ruling, Justice David Hurd granted a preliminary injunction against a state applying the vaccine to medical workers claiming religious exemptions. He had ordered a temporary stay against the move last month.

Many of the medical workers who had not received the vaccine were placed on leave pending Judge Hurd’s decision.


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