‘Squid Game’ star Hoyon Jung gains 15 million Instagram followers

67 on Netflix’s new survival series “Squid Game,” but she’s gotten a whole lot more fans since the show premiered around the world late last month.

According to Forbes, Hoyon Jung has amassed 15 million followers in just three weeks, making her the most followed South Korean actress on Instagram.

In “Squid Game”—a dystopian drama that follows cash-strapped characters competing in a series of violent games—27-year-old Jung plays a North Korean defector who finds family members stranded across the border. Trying to win money to retrieve.

On-screen, Jung has been purposely made to look domineering and downright – the exact opposite of how she appears on social media.

The Seoul-born beauty’s Instagram account is full of glamorous pictures that show her in designer outfits as she poses for high-fashion photoshoots.

"squid game" Star Hoyon Jung gets 15 million followers
‘Squid Game’ star Hoyon Jung has garnered over 15 million followers.

“You’re really beautiful,” one fan said of a photo uploaded on Wednesday, which has already garnered more than 8 million likes and 41,000 comments.

In an interview with the Herald Pop this week, Jung said of his growing number of Instagram followers, “Initially, I was very surprised when I checked in real-time. Once I opened the app, the numbers went up.” Gone, and when I opened it again, it got bigger.

“Just the fact that so many people around the world are showing their interest puts me in a good mood,” she said.

"squid game" star hoon jung
‘Squid Game’ star Hoyon Jung.

Jung has been modeling since the age of 16, and “Squid Game” is her first acting credit as a television or film.

And while the new Netflix series brought her instant global fame, she has been known in South Korea for many years.

"squid game" Star Hoyon Jung — featured on a runway during Paris Fashion Week and in the hit Netflix series — has garnered millions of Instagram followers since the show premiered.
“Squid Game” star Hoyon Jung — featured on the runway at Paris Fashion Week and in the hit Netflix series — has garnered millions of Instagram followers since the show premiered.Getty Images; Netflix

Back in 2013, she placed second in the fourth season of “Korea’s Next Top Model” and graced the cover of Vogue Korea after receiving a degree from Dongduk Women’s University.

Given her modeling credentials, it’s no surprise that Jung has just been named Louis Vuitton’s latest Global House Ambassador. She is also currently leading Adidas’ new “Adicolor” campaign.

And while she won’t be back for a second season of “Squid Game,” Jung said she looks forward to continuing acting.

“Starring in a new movie or series will be challenging, especially after ‘Squid Game,’ so I don’t intend to limit myself to one specific genre,” she told the Korea Herald this week.

“The only option left with me is to work hard. As a real actor, I want to meet my fans for a long time.”

Hoyon Jung (right) appears in a scene from the Netflix hit "Squid game."
Hoyon Jung (right) appears in a scene from the Netflix hit “Squid Game.”
Hoyon Jung's modeling personality - seen here in a photo from Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 - is quite a change in her look "Squid game."
Hoyon Jung’s modeling persona — seen here in a photo from the spring 2019 Milan Fashion Week — is quite a change from her look in the “squid game.”
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Meanwhile, “Squid Game” viewers who have developed a crush on Jung are saddened to learn that he is off the market.

The stunner has been dating 36-year-old South Korean actor Lee Dong-hwi since 2016.

She told Korea Pop that her boyfriend is thrilled with her overnight superstardom. “He is very proud of the success of ‘Squid Game,'” she said.

“Since he’s also an actor… he makes me very happy, and he cares for me too.”

Hoyon Jung has skyrocketed to international stardom
Hoyon Jung has skyrocketed to international stardom.
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