Nets announce that Kyrie Irving has been banned from the team until vaccination

In the wake of Nets star Kyrie Irving’s apparently refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the 29-year-old will not be part of the team until he does, the Nets announced in a surprise statement Tuesday morning. . Just a week before the start of his regular season against the Bucks of the Nets, the team … Read more

The Nets Are Still Figuring Out How To ‘Make This Work’ With Kyrie Irving

PHILADELPHIA — Kyrie Irving not only didn’t play to the 76ers in Monday’s 115-104 preseason loss, but also didn’t travel with the Nets, while it was his last chance to play before their regular-season opener on October 19 in Milwaukee. Was. . “We’re just trying to navigate this thing,” Steve Nash said of Irving leaving … Read more

Quentin Grimes made a profound impact on Knicks staff

Quentin Grimes hasn’t done much wrong since the Knicks drafted the University of Houston shooting guard in late July with a 25-total pick. After a slow start, Grimes came to Las Vegas like the gangbusters in the Summer League. In his 1 minute 46 seconds of action in Saturday’s stunning win over Washington, Grimes stepped … Read more

Derrick Rose is trying to get Jericho Sims out of the shell

When Knicks rookie center Jericho Sims gave his first interview as a Nike in August during summer-league rehearsals in Las Vegas, the Texas biggie was short of words. A five-word answer was considered the Sims’ solace. But while Sims gives short responses, he’s been active on the court for a long time – since Summer … Read more

Paul Milsap Nets Precision Game Vs 76ers . clear to play in

Paul Milsap has been dropped from Brooklyn’s injury report, cleared to travel to Philadelphia and play Monday’s preseason game at the 76ers. “I don’t know how much discussion I’m allowed to have, but I think we have positive news. So hopefully he won’t be out for a long time,” Nets coach Steve Nash told Milsap’s … Read more

Nets’ Steve Nash admits Kyrie Irving won’t play home games

The Nets are finally coming to terms with the very real possibility that Kiri Irving is going to miss as many regular-season home games as a vaccine holdout. And as the home opener day of October 24 draws to a close, he admits he has no clue how many. “I think we’re going to assume … Read more

Derrick Rose leaves Knicks win with ankle pain: ‘Nothing serious’

Derrick RoseUSA TODAY SPORTS WASHINGTON — Derrick Rose settled on Saturday night with an ankle pain in the fourth quarter of the Knicks’ 117-99 preseason win over the Wizards, but the backup point guard said it wasn’t serious and probably a tough training camp head coach. It was because of Tom. Thibodeau fled. During the … Read more

Nets’ Patty Mills is digging the Brooklyn vibes after an outdoor workout

If Saturday was a sign of what she can expect in her first year in Brooklyn, Patty Mills can’t wait. The new Nets guard was impressed by the atmosphere of Saturday’s public workout, with an overflowing crowd at picturesque Brooklyn Bridge Park. “It’s such a fun environment to be in,” Mills said. “With the fresh … Read more

Knicks’ Nerlens Noel misses second game with knee problem

WASHINGTON – It turns out that center Nerlens Noel didn’t just sit the Knicks’ president opener for the rest. Noel missed the game against the Pacers on Tuesday as he injured his right knee. Noel was out again when the Knicks faced the Wizards in their second preseason game on Saturday with a right knee … Read more