Lego yanks ‘gender bias and harmful stereotypes’ with its toys

Lego on Monday vowed to rid its toys of “gender bias and harmful stereotypes” by making them more accessible to girls. The Guardian notes that the world’s largest toy maker has stopped labeling its products “for girls” or “for boys” and that its website does not allow searches by gender. The company’s chief product and … Read more

3-year-old girl, established as genetic daughter of slain NYC cop

State law has just caught up with in-vitro technology. A bill signed Saturday by Gov. Kathy Hochul would ensure that the 3-year-old “miracle daughter” of a New York City police murderer — who was conceived after her death — would be legally considered her biological child. The bill was passed unanimously last week by state … Read more

NYC Will Phase Out the Talented and Talented Program

Mayor Bill de Blasio is phasing out New York City’s brightest and brightest program for the Big Apple’s smartest young students, The Post has confirmed. In a major act in the final months of his administration, de Blasio is ending the selective program, which critics say unfairly supports white and Asian American youth as well … Read more