Derrick Rose is trying to get Jericho Sims out of the shell

When Knicks rookie center Jericho Sims gave his first interview as a Nike in August during summer-league rehearsals in Las Vegas, the Texas biggie was short of words. A five-word answer was considered the Sims’ solace. But while Sims gives short responses, he’s been active on the court for a long time – since Summer … Read more

Derrick Rose leaves Knicks win with ankle pain: ‘Nothing serious’

Derrick RoseUSA TODAY SPORTS WASHINGTON — Derrick Rose settled on Saturday night with an ankle pain in the fourth quarter of the Knicks’ 117-99 preseason win over the Wizards, but the backup point guard said it wasn’t serious and probably a tough training camp head coach. It was because of Tom. Thibodeau fled. During the … Read more