Under Trump’s strict policies, migrants did not try to cross the US border

As the United States sees a record number of immigrants crossing the border under the Biden administration, some migrants are saying they “didn’t even want to try” to enter the US, while former President Donald Trump continues his strict immigration policy. Was in office citing policies. Many migrants who moved illegally to Yuma, Ariz. Spoke … Read more

George Clooney slams Trump, shuts down presidential rumors

George Clooney will never be the leader of the free world. The “Ocean Eleven” star has finally shut down long-standing speculation that he might one day run for president, saying he “really wants a good life”. The 60-year-old actor made the announcement during an interview with the BBC on Sunday, saying he toyed with the … Read more

Donald Trump’s Possible 2024 Run Is Worrying Democrats

The rising prospect of former President Donald Trump bidding for the White House in 2024, along with falling poll numbers for President Biden, is giving Democrats concern, according to a report. More speculation is fueling Trump’s campaign-style rally Saturday at the state fairgrounds in Iowa, the major early voting state, where a recent poll found … Read more

Trump suggests Haitian migrants heading to US border ‘probably have AIDS’

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday night suggested without evidence that thousands of Haitian migrants who are reported to be headed to the US-Mexico border are suffering from AIDS. “We have thousands of people coming from Haiti,” Trump told Sean Hannity of Fox News. “Haiti has a tremendous AIDS problem. AIDS is a step forward. … Read more

Trump Reprimands ‘Deep State Stiff’ Ex-NSC Officer Fiona Hill

Former President Donald Trump reprimanded former National Security Council official Fiona Hill on Thursday as “a deep position with a good accent” for the derogatory she made about the 45th president while promoting her new memoir. Was “terrible at my job” in response to the comments. “The first time I remember his name was heard … Read more