Keishon Johnson calls John Gruden a ‘fraud’ after resignation

John Gruden has “always been a hoax” in the eyes of Keishon Johnson. The former NFL wide receiver went out on Tuesday about his former coach after Gruden resigned as Raiders head coach in the wake of a troubled email controversy. Gruden announced his resignation on Monday night after emails from 2011 to 2018 obtained … Read more

Baker Mayfield’s wife slams Brown fans on Instagram

Baker Mayfield’s wife would not tolerate Brown fans placing all the blame on the quarterback for the team’s struggle. On Monday, Emily Mayfield (née Wilkinson) took aim at Cleveland supporters in an expired note that was posted to her Instagram Story. “For all you ‘fans’ who are blaming Joe (Sunday’s) defeat entirely on Baker, wake … Read more

John Gruden’s son Deuce will stay with Raiders after father resigns in disgrace

John Gruden is out – but his son is sticking around. The former Raiders head coach has resigned from his position in the wake of a New York Times report that revealed a trove of racist, inaccurate and otherwise abusive emails, ESPN’s Adam Schaffter told Gruden’s son, Deuce, in Las Vegas. will remain in his … Read more

NFL Power Rankings for Week 6: We Love L.A.

The NFL version of “A Tale of Two Cities” will tell the story of a new football haven and a decades-long wasteland. On one coast is Los Angeles, which did not field an NFL team from 1995–2015, but is now home to two of the six best teams in the league. Super Bowl LVI is … Read more

Waiver Wire Options to Fix RB Injury Issues

Some of you might be so young that they can’t remember waiting in line to buy movie tickets. Concerns that creep into it: How big is the theater? Will there be a seat left for me? Because there can’t be. That’s certainly how many fantasy managers are going to feel this week when they file … Read more

Where do the Giants go after the Dallas disaster

USA TODAY SPORTS I’m not sure we’ve ever seen anything like this happen to the Giants on Sunday… losing their starting quarterback, running back and top receiver injuries. It doesn’t happen much in a season, let alone a single game. The Giants left Dallas with a 44–20 loss, a 1–4 record and potentially their best … Read more