Republican outrage over Zuckerberg’s 2020 election swindle

A blatant report that suggests Mark Zuckerberg effectively “bought” the 2020 presidential election by funneling more than $400 million to local boards of elections under the guise of a “non-partisan” effort has called for reform officials. Has prompted outrage and calls. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rebuked the billionaire Facebook founder during a news conference in … Read more

Instagram to keep teenagers away from harmful posts

Instagram says it will distance teens from harmful content and introduce a “break break” feature as part of the company’s latest efforts to address revelations about the impact of Facebook products on mental health. The plans come less than a week after whistleblower Frances Haugen accused Facebook of putting a security advantage in US Senate … Read more

Facebook’s Andy Stone is making enemies to please Mark Zuckerberg: Insider

A “hatchet man” spokesperson for Facebook is making enemies from politicians and journalists as the company takes heat in Washington — and insiders told the Post he’s doing it to appease Mark Zuckerberg. This week alone, Facebook policy communications director Andy Stone — a 40-year-old communications veteran who formerly worked for Democratic Sense. Barbara Boxer … Read more

Who is Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen?

He is the biggest thorn in Mark Zuckerberg’s side. Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen publicly disclosed her identity on Sunday, accusing her former employer of advancing divisive content for profit and covering up evidence that the tech giant’s products cause harm. “Facebook has repeatedly chosen to optimize for its own interests, such as making more money,” … Read more