Republican outrage over Zuckerberg’s 2020 election swindle

A blatant report that suggests Mark Zuckerberg effectively “bought” the 2020 presidential election by funneling more than $400 million to local boards of elections under the guise of a “non-partisan” effort has called for reform officials. Has prompted outrage and calls. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rebuked the billionaire Facebook founder during a news conference in … Read more

Democrat senator questions timing of Schumer’s GOP rant

A Democratic senator questioned the timing of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s fiery speech last week in which Republicans barred talks about raising the federal debt limit, leaving Sen. Joe Manchin cringing and upsetting GOP lawmakers. Was. Schumer, in a speech on the Senate floor last Thursday, rebuked Republicans for “playing a dangerous and risky … Read more

GOP rebukes Biden over poor jobs report, warns of ‘economic crisis’

Congressional Republicans insisted Friday that a disappointing September jobs report showed President Biden’s economic plan was not working. “President Biden’s delusions have suggested for months that his economic plan is ‘working,’” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted on Friday. “Anyone who’s seen today’s jobs report knows it’s going to fail. Democrats have turned what should … Read more

Rand Paul tells Americans to ‘fear’ amid DOJ schools intimidation policy

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Wednesday that Americans should “fear your government” when Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the FBI would investigate an alleged spike in local school officials to mask mandates. And in addition there is opposition. Important race theory to the course. “School boards are telling moms that they are criminals, potential … Read more