The Yankees face tough decisions in crucial off-season

The Yankees’ postseason all lasted one game, leaving them well short of their goals and another year without a World Series title – or appearance. They now go into the offseason with a lot of questions after Tuesday’s loss to the Red Sox team, which was expected to rebuild this season.

Here’s a look at some of what the Yankees will need to address ahead of the 2022 season—which could be delayed (or worse), depending on what happens when the collective bargaining agreement closes on Dec. terminates, which can lead to a lockout or a strike.

change at the top?

General Manager Brian Cashman has another year on contract and has been GM for almost a quarter century. When the Yankees appeared to break free from the playoff hunt, it looked like at least Cashman’s job might be in jeopardy. An increase in trade deadlines from Anthony Rizzo and Clay Holmes (and despite the increase in trade deadlines of Joey Gallo and Andrew Heaney) helped the Yankees improve their game and post-season appearances for at least one more year. will be safe. Cashman.

Brian Cashman (left) and Aaron Boone
Brian Cashman (left) and Aaron Boone
Charles Weinzelberg/New York Post

Manager Aaron Boone’s future is more complicated, as his contract expires. He certainly bears some responsibility for the wild ups and downs of the regular season: a brutal start, a 13-game winning streak, and then a nearly collapse at the end of the regular season. This all added to a disappointing performance later in the season, as the Yankees were unable to come close to the Rays for the AL East title and in a wild-card game against the Red Sox. The Yankees must decide whether to offer Boone a new multi-year deal or seek his replacement, as well as the fate of their coaches.

make a splash at the shortstop

Corey Seeger is a big name the Yankees could adopt at shortstop this off-season.
Corey Seeger is a big name the Yankees could adopt at shortstop this off-season.

The Gleber Torres experiment at shortstop has come to an end, with the 24-year-old playing much better since going back to second base in September. The Yankees could still look to transfer Torres this offseason, as they wanted DJ LeMahieu to finish second. This is a historic free agent class for shortstop, with Trevor Story, Corey Seeger, Xavier Baez, Marcus Semien and Carlos Correa all set to hit the market. Whether the Yankees are willing to expand the payroll to make room for any of those players remains to be seen. He also has the prospects of Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza in the minors.

judge and jury

Aaron Judge is about to enter his final year of arbitration before hitting free agency. The judge said there have been no extension talks recently. That could change this off-season after 2017 had Judge’s healthiest and most productive year since being a rookie. He said Tuesday night he wanted to be a Yankee “for life.” For the rest of the outfield, Brett Gardner has a player option for next season and has said he would like to return, with Aaron Hicks expected to return from wrist surgery and the Yankees hoping to see Gallo come back. Will play better than the latter. Texas. Clint Frazier’s year was again torn apart by injuries and his future remains unclear.

hold it

Gary Sanchez wasn’t that bad in 2020, but not enough to warrant his return to The Bronx. He shone at the plate, but struggled again for a long time and was subpar defensively. The Yankees decided to keep him for about $6.35 million last season, and next year’s arbitration will cost him even more. Still, getting rid of Sanchez is easier than finding a replacement. Kyle Higashioka is a good fit for his current backup role.

Has Gary Sanchez played his last game with the Yankees?
Has Gary Sanchez played his last game with the Yankees?
Corey Sipkin

Who is first?

Luke Voight’s injuries – in part – led to tradeoffs for Rizzo, and the former Cubs made a quick start with the Yankees before landing on the COVID IL. He hasn’t been the same at the plate since then, but he remains aggressively strong and provides good defense. He will be a free agent, and due to Wyatt’s knee injury last week, the Yankees will have to figure out the situation. In theory, LeMahieu could play there, but so they didn’t bring him back for six years and $90 million last season.

starting at five

Davey Garcia and Clark Schmidt failed to establish themselves as major league substitutes, so the Yankees would need to start pitching again. Corey Kluber may return as a free agent. Large potential targets include Max Scherzer, Robbie Ray and Kevin Gossman.


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