Tom Suozzi to beat Kathy Hochul in Buffalo mayor race

Long Island Democrat, Rep. Tom Suozzi, is making his most aggressive move in a possible bid to challenge Gov.

Suozhi, The Post has learned, is pledging to help defeat the preferred socialist candidate for mayor there, before giving Hochul a chance to establish himself as the dominant liberal voice on the Democratic Party’s upward trajectory. .

Suozzi will appear in Buffalo on Saturday to endorse four-term, incumbent right-in candidate Mayor Byron Brown against US-backed candidate India Walton’s favorite of the Democratic Socialists – lefty firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Walton, a nurse, shook up New York state politics by defeating Brown, a four-term Democratic incumbent, in the June primary election.

It is the biggest upset since the AOC overthrew former Congressman Joe Crowley, then chairman of the Queens Democratic Party, in the 2018 primary election for the 14th Congress in parts of The Bronx and Queens.

Hochul has not yet endorsed the race. It’s not an easy call for a Democratic governor, who has been moderate through his political career and is likely ideologically close to Brown. But Walton, who prefers Brown is Black, is the official Democratic Party nominee and will be the first female mayor in Buffalo history.

The county Democratic leader said Hochul may drop out of the mayoral race because it is a fight between two Democrats.

Community activist India Walton campaigns to replace four-term Mayor Byron Brown in Buffalo, New York, US, December 15, 2020.
The Democratic Socialists of America are supporting India Walton.
Lindsay Daddario/Reuters
India Walton defeated Byron Brown in the Democratic primary earlier this year.
India Walton defeated Byron Brown in the Democratic primary earlier this year.
Robert Kirkham / The Buffalo News AP . Through

“I wouldn’t expect him to come and support him in that race,” said Erie County Democratic Party chairman Jeremy Zellner.

Sources said Hochul is still on edge, with Suozhi clearly trying to show that he is the leading voice of the Democratic Party’s liberal, mainstream wing versus the AOC-inspired far-left DSA wing.

Suozzi, the former Nassau County executive who ran for governor in 2006 and was the first Democratic congressman to endorse Eric Adams for New York City mayor in the Democratic primary, declined comment.

But a close aide of Suozzi confirmed that he would support Brown.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was first elected in 2005.
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was first elected in 2005.
Jeffrey T. Barnes/AP
Governor Kathy Hochuli
The governor has yet to voice his support for the mayoral race in Buffalo.

“Everyone talks about the danger of the Democratic Party and the Socialists taking over the state. Suzy is going to do something about it,” the source said.

Suzy’s move is also being seen as a blow in the eyes of state Democratic Party chairman Jay Jacobs, who earlier this week backed Hochul’s re-election. Jacobs is also the Nassau County Democratic leader and represents most of the county in Suozhi Congress.

Another potential candidate for governor, Public Advocate Jumane Williams, headlined a fundraiser for Walton.

Meanwhile, the Hochul campaign unveiled its first digital ad praising his first 45-day term as governor, when he replaced former three-term governor Andrew Cuomo, who resigned following a sexual assault scandal. Gave.

Congressman Tom Suozic
By backing Brown, Suozzi is showing himself as a more moderate Democrat.
Shannon Finney/Getty Images

“I know New Yorkers. They’re tough to persevere and prevail. And that’s the promise I made to all New Yorkers here and now. I’ll fight like hell for you every single day. As I’ve always done ‘It will always happen,’ she says at the end of the two-minute space.

The Hochul campaign did not comment on Suozhi because of political mischief in its political base.


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