‘UK and Ireland Jets fans’ eager for London game vs Falcons

He’s 22 years old and “Jets, Jets, Jets, Jets!” In London and at his home base in Ireland, he is as adorable as anyone in East Rutherford or anywhere across the pond.

His name is Sebastian Randazzo, and he is the founder of the group “UK and Ireland Jets Fans” in 2014, who eagerly await the arrival of their favorite team in the days leading up to the Jets-Falcons on Sunday at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Randazzo will fly from Ireland to London on Saturday.

“When I was a kid my grandmother visited New York and brought me Jets football back, so I became a Jets fan,” Randazzo wrote via email. “I felt attached to the team after that, and the rest is history.”

He is estimated to have 7,000 followers on various social media platforms, mainly men and ages 18-30. All the social media handles of the group are: @UKNYJets.

“I would say the divide between UK and Ireland fans is about 90% UK, 10% Irish,” Randazzo wrote.

He has been a Jets fan for the past decade, which qualifies him to be unapologetic about being one of the long-suffering Jets fans around the world.

“Tough, but I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Randazzo wrote. “Good times will come, and these recent lows will only make it better. It’s funny because we’re often asked why we stick with the Jets, whether we’re in the UK or Ireland. Here’s football legend Eric Cantona There is a very famous quote: ‘You can change your wife, your politics, your religion, but never, you can never change your favorite football team.’ “

His group, although many of them will be at the game, are determined to try to make it as much like MetLife Stadium as possible.

“It’s our aim to make it feel like a Jets home game,” Randazzo wrote.

It would mean “Jets, Jets, Jets, Jets!” burst from the stand.

Sebastian Randazzo
Sebastian Randazzo
Sebastian Randazzo

“Best chant in football. Hope you hear us chant it out loud on Sunday!,” wrote Randazzo.

Like so many Jets fans here, Randazzo is giddy at Zach Wilson.

“very exciting!” He has written. “I’ll admit that I wasn’t convinced moving on from here” [Sam] Darnold, but it’s hard not to get excited by Wilson, and he’s definitely won me over despite his initial struggles. Hopefully this time we have found the right man.”

“I loved Darnold– he was a humble man and clearly had talent. I think the franchise left him from GM to HC and I wish him all the success in Carolina (as long as it’s the Jets). does not come at a cost). [Adam] Gas on the other hand, I famously said when the news was released that he was interviewing with the Jets that it was mere diligence. …how wrong was I?! He was the wrong choice from day one and should never be seen near a professional football field again.”

Randazzo is already convinced that new head coach Robert Saleh is no ordinary man.

“How can you not love Coach?” He has written. “The energy he brings is infectious! It certainly seems like there’s a new culture around the Jets, and I believe it stems from Saleh – it’s really young guns giving a shot.” Really encouraging to see as well.Hope he can prove himself to be a good High Court.

Randazzo reached out to fellow group member Kingsley Newman, who echoed that sentiment, who praised Saleh.

“Gas was terrible, shouldn’t have been hired in the first place, looking at other talent,” Newman wrote to him via email. “I feel for Sam, but I don’t think he’s got a good crack of the whip as a starting QB with the Jets. A poor O-line stalled his progress and he had to make room for Wilson ceased to do business.

Saleh is anti-gas. “His energy is infectious, and it’s great to have a coach with a little charisma and passion!” Newman wrote.

Sebastian Randazzo and Arrowheads Abroad
Sebastian Randazzo and Arrowheads Abroad
arrows abroad

Newman is hoping that General Manager Joe Douglas will continue to find mentors for Wilson.

“Very excited about him as a player, his pro-day was exceptional, but my concern is that our offensive line is going to stall his progress in this league, and potentially end up like Darnold, Newman wrote.

Newman, 30, has been a long-suffering fan of the Jets for 12 years.

“It’s been quite a disappointing few seasons, the fact [Adam] The gas was brought back and the pain lasted a full season 2,” Newman wrote. “I was more excited to lose when” to the tank. [Trevor]“Lawrence was a thing, but was overjoyed to take on Wilson instead and have 2 wins along the way last year. Hope the misery doesn’t happen any more!”

Randazzo is especially fond of Quinnon Williams.

“Absolute beast,” he wrote. “Not only is he an incredibly influential player who only keeps getting better and better, he is an inspiration to people like me. Like Quinnon, I lost my mother to cancer as a teenager and her resilience. And seeing the success is certainly inspiring.”

Former Jets center Nick Mangold is a longtime favorite. “Great former player and great man too,” Randazzo wrote. “He has always shown love to us UK fans and he is a Tottenham Hotspur fan just like me…”

Randazzo participated in the Jets’ 27-14 win over the Dolphins at a packed Wembley Stadium in 2015.

“It was personally an unreal experience as my first Jet game,” he wrote. “Plus, it’s always nice to see us beat the Finns.”

He watches his team via Sky Sports broadcasts or NFL Game Pass.

“It might be a struggle with some finishing up late at around 4 p.m., but I’m proud to say that I’ve never missed a game since becoming a fan,” Randazzo said.

She did not get a chance to meet Woody Johnson while serving as ambassador to the United Kingdom under the previous US president.

“Unfortunately not. We had asked him if he wanted to invite us over for a cup of tea, but I think the invitation may have been lost in the post,” Randazzo wrote.

Newman was also at the Jets-Dolphins game at Wembley.

“Some of the best memories and photos I took of the players while they were warming up,” he wrote. “I found out when they were coming to London and went to the airport for autographs – unfortunately their plane arrived early so I missed them. But b” 6 years is a long time to see them back in the UK I’m very excited for.”


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