What should Giants Daniel Jones do against the Cowboys?

Arlington, Texas — Twelve years ago, after Eli Manning defeated the Cowboys in the first game at AT&T Stadium, he signed his name on the wall of the visitors’ locker room, beneath which he said: “9-20-09, ‘ 33-31 ‘ First win at New Stadium.

Now it is Daniel Jones who will get his chance at a signature moment in his Giants career, for a signature win over the Cowboys.

With the way Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott bowled, the Giants would undoubtedly ask Jones to drop him off in New Orleans for a weekend in which he earned NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors and a segment. “The Rich Eisen Show.”

While no one should expect a 402-yard passing performance, Giants fans who want to believe in Jones as Manning’s heir today, not gone tomorrow, will beg:

Play it again, Dan.

What can Jones do for an Encore?

How about this: If and when the game is to be won in the fourth quarter or in overtime, win it again.

It would offer more meaningful evidence that Jones is starting to grow up before our eyes if he takes that crucial third year leap.

It was on the fateful day of last season, when Prescott suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle, that the game was to be won by the Giants in the fourth quarter, but Jones couldn’t win it: the tie game, his 24 on Jones. , 1:50 and a timeout remaining. Finals: Cowboys 37, Giants 34.

“We have to find a way to win the game,” Jones later said.

Against Prescott and his arsenal of prolific weapons, Jones may be forced to win a shootout, the kind that former Cowboys quarterback Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Ackman is on record as Jones and the Giants can win.

But Jones is better equipped this time.

Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones
Corey Sipkin

He didn’t have a Saxon Barkley last year. He didn’t have Kenny Gollade last year. He didn’t have Kadarius Tony. He didn’t have John Ross. They had just four games on offense to coordinator Jason Garrett. He had no offensive line that could keep him straight. He might have one now, even a new center and fourth left guard – TBD, of course.

The signs of growth and maturity from Jones are unmistakable. His lone interception was a Hail Mary at the end of the first half against the Saints. His lone lost fumble came in the opener against the Broncos.

He’s making the right game at the right time… with his hands and feet. He knows when to throw the ball and moves on to the next game. He is watching the field better. He’s learning the nuances of playing quarterback… watching a ball-hawking safety like Marcus Williams, just as Jones did on the Ross TD bomb in New Orleans.

“He is understanding what the goals are for each play, which is called Wants to go with the ball, but still sometimes where he need To go with the ball at its base,” said quarterback coach Jerry Shuplinsky.

Legendary defensive coordinator Pat Graham saw he could use a shot of reading tequila from a sheet of Cowboys Playmakers on Thursday. But on offense, with Barkley in good health, Jones has a double threat to counter Ezekiel Elliot. With the budding chemistry between him and Goladay, he has a bigger target to counter Amari Cooper. With an emerging chess piece like Tony, he has a home threat to counter a chess piece like CeeDee Lamb. With a rising Andrew Thomas, he has a chance to find blind rest in the pocket that Prescott has behind Tyrone Smith.

“You make the environment better,” said Garrett, “all of a sudden, the man starts playing better and better.”

When the quarterback’s receiver wins early, he can get the ball out faster. When the offensive line gives the quarterback time, he can take the shot downfield. Jones has been dismissed only eight times this season. He was dismissed 45 times in 14 matches last season. Their completion percentage starting in 2019: 61.9; 62.5; 66.7. The bone of the foot is attached to the bone of the foot. The leg bone is attached to the knee bone. The knee bone is attached to the thigh bone. or something like that.

“I think we’re working on getting better as a whole offensive unit,” Shlupinski said.

It will be loud and hostile inside Jerry’s World, where they hate the New York Football Giants, and Daniel Jones will again need to summon every ounce of his poise and mental toughness and resilience to be the last Jones standing. Stats from the 60-minute Texas Death Match.

“I definitely need to play better and put the team in a winning position,” Jones told Eisen.

Yet he played the game of his career last week and did more than just put the team in a winning position. He carried the team. Against Prescott, the Giants might need to do that again.

What can Jones do for an Encore?

Play it again, Dan.


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