Witnesses recall nurse’s fatal Times Square push, its tragic consequences

The family and friends of a New Jersey nurse who was killed by a bandit on Friday in Times Square struggled to come to terms with the tragic incident and its tragic consequences as she was turned away from life.

“They just pulled the plug on her. She’s gone,” Carlito Spa Maria told the post of her sister, Maria Ambrosio, who suffered a head injury in the violent incident.

“I saw them pulling the plug. I held his hand till the last pulse,’ she said at around 8.30 pm

“They knew it wasn’t looking good so I said goodbye to him a couple of times last night. I told him, ‘You’ll be with our mom and dad.'”

Carlito said his father died of COVID-19 in the Philippines in April. He said he and Maria were waiting for the coronavirus crisis to subside so that they could travel there and bury him in the family plot.

“We had to go home and give a proper burial to my father and now she is gone. Now, I have to do it.”

Emilia Cruz, 70, worked with victim Ambrosio, 58, at Bayonne Medical Center, and was with her Friday afternoon in Times Square.

Ambrosio worked as a nurse at Bayonne Medical Center.
Ambrosio worked as a nurse at Bayonne Medical Center.

Cruise told The Post that the incident that killed him happened around 1:30 p.m., as Ambrosio and Cruz were walking on Broadway with Cruz’s brother and another friend just before West 41st Street and having lunch. were eating.

“There were a lot of people and we were trying to maneuver,” Cruz said, adding that the suspect was being chased.

“I heard a big rumble hit the concrete and, you know, it was loud so I said, ‘Whoa, oh my god. What’s that?’ And I looked down and I saw her blouse, I didn’t see the face and I said, ‘Oh my god, Ning,’ I call her Ning. I said ‘Ning, what happened? Wake up,’ and she was out.”

“She was already unconscious. She’s not answering me. I keep picking her up. She was foaming at her mouth. And I said, ‘Call 911.’

“I don’t know if I was crying… it was all emotion. I’m in shock if you ask me.”

A bystander came and tried to help, and another person said they had already called emergency workers, according to a heartbroken friend.

Ambrosio's brother, Carlito Spa Maria, said he was present and holding her hand when she was removed from life support.
Maria Ambrosio’s brother, Carlito Spa Maria, said he was present and holding her hand when she was taken off life support.

“Maria was flat on her back. She was not bleeding at all. Her eyes were closed,” said the emotional woman.

Cruz said through tears, “I can’t describe the feeling because everyone is different, but when it’s close to you, close to your heart… we’re always together, we travel together, we work together.”

“I’m speaking right now, I try to put a brave face on everyone because I’m a nurse so that’s what we do every day when I work and I’m with patients and families but when it’s your It’s different if it gets closer, Cruz said in the hospital while Ambrosio was glued to the life support system.

Homeless man Jermaine Foster was charged with cheating on Ambrosio.
Homeless man Jermaine Foster was charged with cheating on Ambrosio.

“I want him to be at peace. I know there is no turning back. There is no hope.”

Jermaine Foster, 26, homeless, was charged with robbery and assault on Saturday morning, police said.

A distraught and barely audible Cruz struggled to share his feelings over the suspect.

“I don’t care what he does or what he did, you know, the only thing I care about is that he took my friend out of me, his family, the people who love him so much , Took a lot. The circle of friends we have,” she said.

Police said Carlito had very strong words for Foster, who broke into a woman’s apartment just before the Times Square attack.

“We want justice. I want him to be locked up for a very long time so that he can’t hurt more people. Throw away the keys so he can’t get out any more.”


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