Are Flummels Real Animals? Netflix’s extinct species discovered

The computer-animated comedy, Extinct, is now showing up on Netflix around the world, and customers are very curious to know whether or not the show’s star, Flumels, is a real animal.

David Silverman and Raymond S. Directed by Percy, Extinct tells the story of two siblings, Op and Ed, who must navigate an entirely new world as they travel to modern-day Shanghai from 1835.

With a star-studded cast on board to voice the animals and a story for them to navigate, from The Simpsons’ handful of writers, we investigate whether these creatures actually existed at one time.

Extinct I Official Trailer | Sky Cinema.



Extinct I Official Trailer | Sky Cinema.





What are Flummels?

Extinct describes these lovely creatures as a type of mammal that has been extinct since 1835.

Along with looking like a cat, Flummels also sport a hole in their core, making them look like cute donuts.

Therefore, their spine is in the shape of a ring and it is believed that their limbs are also dotted in the shape of a ring.

Despite having a bizarre anatomy, flumels are bipedal, which allows them to walk in an upright posture.

Are they real animals?

Sadly, the species known as the Flammels in this film never existed nor did it become extinct at any point.

Even though Flummels are entirely fictional, extinct are characteristic of other species that were known to have existed on Earth, including Dotty the Dodo, Haus the Triceratops, Alma the Meridiungulate and Burnie the Tasmanian Tiger.

Director Silverman told First News of the difficulties involved in creating an entirely new species: “The first designs were this kind of squirrel-like creature, with the hole looking like a handle. Doesn’t look that good either. In the end, We really hit on embracing the round circle and designing from there. And that did the trick. And they look like… flummels.”

Still Extinct Trailer, Sky TV, Sky Cinema, TriStar Pictures et al., YouTube . From

Who voices Flumels?

Rachel Bloom and Adam Devine voice the lead flames of Extinct, Op and Ed.

Op has cream and brown fur, while Ed has gray colored fur.

Other artists who made up the cast of Extinction include:

  • Zazie Beetz as Dottie
  • Ken Jeong as Clarence
  • Benedict Wong as Dr. Chung
  • Jim Jefferies as Bernie
  • Catherine O’Hara as Almai
  • Reggie Watts as Hoss
  • Nick Frost as Captain Fitzroy
  • Tom Hollander as Charles Darwin
  • Henry Winkler as Jepson
  • Alex Borstein as Malik
  • Richard Kind as Wally

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