Zach Wilson should have all his weapons healthy with Jets WR

LONDON — For the first time this season, the Jets must have a full complement of wide receivers on the field with quarterback Zach Wilson.

Elijah Moore is expected to return from the shakes. Jameson Crowder returned last week after missing three games with a groin injury. This means the Jets will have Moore, Crowder, Corey Davis, Keelan Cole, Braxton Berrios and Denzel Mims (expected to be active) all together.

“We have a lot of weapons,” Davis said. “What makes it special is that so many friends do different things. [Moore] I do different things than Keelan and Mims. The great thing is that we have a lot of weapons and a lot of depth. it is too big [Moore] Back. He is a great weapon for us. I’m excited to go.”

Wilson said he doesn’t feel the pressure to spread the ball to everyone.

Jets wide receiver Keelan Cole, center left, and Elijah Moore dance as they participate in practice.

“Everyone’s always like, ‘He only throws the ball to Corey,'” Wilson said. “But like, I don’t think people sometimes understand that I’m just going through my reading. Very rarely is it where I’m looking left and right and it’s like, ‘Hey, where’s Corey? Is?’ I have faith in every single player on the field. With your point, as the play progresses, those guys are going to get their opportunities. Obviously, I need to get them the ball when those times come. But we can definitely To be successful than those people are putting in different positions.”

Wilson seemed excited that his fellow rookie Moore would be back after going missing last week. Moore (eight catches, 66 yards) is yet to have a breakout game, but Wilson predicted it was coming.

“He’s a super talented guy and you guys have seen it,” Wilson said. “Physically, just a complete freak and he is understanding the game exactly the way I am and just like every other rookie. We are going through that whole process. It is exciting to bring him back because I have a lot of faith in him and the player he is. He’s a really good player, it’s going to be good. He’s going to be another weapon I think a lot of people won’t be ready for. “

Falcons rookie TE Kyle Pitts was one of the most publicized players in the draft. 4 overall and the Jets are expecting to see a lot from him on Sunday, with Calvin Ridley not playing. Pitts has taken 15 catches for 189 yards this season. He hasn’t scored a goal yet.

“He’s pretty much a receiver,” said Jets lb CJ Mosley. “Once he’s not in a tight end position it gives you a high alert, especially with the weapons he’s not playing, I think he’ll get a lot of touches. When we’re in our coverage , so we have to make sure we do a great job of sticking to him because we can’t let his situation think, ‘Okay, that’s going to be a tight end.’ He plays all the routes that all the receivers do, he has great hands and if it turns out to be a red-zone game we know he can be a hot target.


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